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Who else is on the market? Any viewings or interest at all? Whya are you selling? and a question about stamp duty

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conniedescending · 18/09/2008 10:48

House has been on for 4 months now, we had had one viewing in first week it went on and have another just booked for sunday (downsizer with cash apparently).

we are selling because we cant afford the mortgage now

now stamp duty has been abolished on houses under 175k we were wondering whether to just drop the price to 174,999 (we fall in between the 175 and 250 bracket) - or maybe to offer to pay the stamp duty??

OP posts:
OLIVIASMAMA · 19/09/2008 21:09

It's a toughie - my house has been on market for a year and a half, firstly at £295K, then £285K and just dropped it to £275K - we have accepted offers twice on it and they have sadly fallen through, not sure why on the first one, explanation very cloudy and the couple split up on the second. The house is really super, tastefully refurbished and on a very smart road and is reasonably priced in today's market but will it shift - will it hella's like. Spoke to estate agent this week who say's absolutely nothing is moving at all, no viewings, no offers anywhere, absolutely dire!

OLIVIASMAMA · 19/09/2008 21:11

Cyanara - I'd be inclined to push them once....and once only and if they wont shift, yes snap their hand off.

Good luck!

beansontoast · 19/09/2008 22:10

snap their hand orf

conniedescending · 22/09/2008 16:19

cyanara - how did it go?? I'd be tempted to push a teeny bit, unless you are desperate and have to move.

so my viewing yesterday was not promising - vacuum cleaner broke so had to sweep the floors which I had left till last 30 mins as kids seem to spread their filth and DH who can mend such things had taken them to the park

then, they complained there was no garage, garden too big, 3rd bedroom too small, the house they viewed on saturday had a nicer kitchen , floors weren't to their taste but they liked the tiles in the bathroom and the view from the window

I know we should be gratetful they even viewed.............pretty sure no offer will be forthcoming any time soon.

OP posts:
cyanarasamba · 22/09/2008 21:40

We accepted but as we've not been on the market long we said we'll keep it on the market for now. There are still 2-3 viewings booked in so would be a shame to rule them out.

We haven't yet found the house we definitely want to buy. However buyer is allegedly in a good financial position so possibly worth having.

Not sure we did the right thing though. Will it just annoy the buyer to keep it on the market? Is this a normal thing to do??

Hope things improve for you Connie!

noddyholder · 22/09/2008 22:16

We agreed that our seller could keep the house on until exchange as they did accept a v low offer but we knew it was unlikely someone in such a good position as us would be ebating the door down and we found a suoer fast solicitor and are exchanging tomorrow after only viewing on the 3rd!Def see the others in case they are cash buyers!

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