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Anyone any rough ideas of how much an extension costs?

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Mamatastic · 17/07/2008 17:53


We live in a 3 bed detached house (moved here last year) which came with planning permission for an extension. It would be two storeys including....

Downstairs: toilet, utility room, family room

Upstairs: master bedroom with ensuite & new corridor (would need to build new walls etc in existing bedroom)

I haven't a CLUE what this sort of extension would cost so I'm just looking to see if anyone has any rough ideas. We aren't looking to do it yet but will in the future if we have any more kids as we need the space. Just thinking ahead!

Thanks )

OP posts:
picklepie555 · 10/08/2008 15:20

We are half way through ours at the moment. we currently have a 3 bed semi and the extension should double our living space. Downstairs we will gain a hallway, study, shower room, and back room with french doors onto the garden (not sure what to label it at the risk of sounding pretentious maybe 'garden room'). While upstairs we will elongate the box room to turn it into a decent size, then we'll gain a bigger bathroom (current one is about the size of a box room), and a new master bedroom. It will eventually be a 4 bed semi. We demolished the freestanding garage to gain this space, but we have a drive and a shed so no great loss. It is costing £65,000, although we have to buy the bathroom/shower suites and tiles for the bathrooms, and we have also paid about £2,000 for planning permission, architect and structural engineer fees and to insure the work through the FMB. Other than this our builder will be doing it all, including all the electrics, windows, radiators, downlights, plastering, rendering etc etc.
It may seem alot of money, but it has to be cheaper (and easier!!) than moving these days, specially with the market the way it is. And you know its not dead money, you'll get your payback when you sell your house. These days you are forking out £25,000 in fees just to move, ridiculous - now thats dead money. Good luck with your project, hope all goes well.

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