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What can we do with old granite worktops?

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TuttiFrutti · 23/08/2007 14:13

We have beautiful granite worktops in our kitchen, BUT are currently planning an extension which will mean completely redesigning the kitchen layout.

We will have to cut out a lot of the worktops, and I suspect we won't be able to buy the same granite again for the new worktops (it was bought by the previous owners from a company which has gone bust). So if we have to rip it all out, can we sell it? Who to, and how? Has anyone done this before?

OP posts:

Pannacotta · 23/08/2007 14:54

Try advertising it in your local paper perhaps?


numptysmummy · 23/08/2007 15:03

Salvage yard? Although they may not pay much


NomDePlumeCantFindTheCatch · 23/08/2007 15:04

ebay - buyer collects


TuttiFrutti · 26/08/2007 14:01

Thanks - that's given me some ideas to play with. Anyone else been in this situation?

OP posts:

podglet · 26/08/2007 14:22

If you have the colour name of the worktops, other granite suppliers may be able to source it for you or something that will match. sometimes the same granite is called different things by different companies and if you are able to provide / send small samples to them they may be able to match it that way.

I don't have tel no's but some company names to try are - Original Marble and Granite, Marbonyx, Counter Production (though they mainly deal in Corian), they are based in various places so you may want to try something more local to you...



UCM · 26/08/2007 14:23

Have you hearths in your house, if they are really lovely what about getting them cut down as hearth stones.


doyouwantfrieswiththat · 26/08/2007 14:27

garden benches/tables?

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