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Where best to get DD measured for a bra?

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MrsMeow · 02/05/2012 16:01

Shes been wearing crop tops or basic 'first' bras for the past year or so, but I think it's about time to get her properly measured as they seem to be a bit small now.

She's almost 12, and quite apprehensive about having to take her top off in front of a stranger, bless her, she's at that bashful age I think.

We're going to Chester so plenty of shops to choose from, but I wondered if there are any that are good with pre-teens? I seem to remember going to M&S, maybe that will be the best bet?

Thank you.

OP posts:

MrsLettuce · 02/05/2012 16:55

M&S bras are fine, their fitter OTOH are not.


bigTillyMint · 02/05/2012 16:57

Agree MrsLettuce!


Theas18 · 07/05/2012 23:31

28 back bras are easy to find if you are a/aa cup. After that it's gets tricky.

John lewis had a nice soft cup, non wired type- just the one style- that dd had in a 28c for a while ( she went off the foam cup ones as they added a bit to her size).

From 28d up there just are not none wired bras ( ok maybe triumph Doreen but that would be traumatising at 12!!).

Dd2 has been a bravissimo gel since she was just 11 and they havd always been lovely. They look you up and down ( in your bra) and pass you one that fits pretty much straight away!


BackforGood · 08/05/2012 00:08

As the owner of a newish bra wearer definitely don't put her through the embarrassment of having some stranger measuring her in a shop - as others have said, it's only a guide anyway.
We went to some shops and just started trying on. It's not that easy to find non-underwired ones, but they are out there if you look hard enough. The size you need varies with the style a bit, so it really is a case of try and see.

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