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33 weeks so uncomfortable!!

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HWka · 26/04/2022 14:19

just hoping for some positive words really! I’m 33 weeks now and soooo uncomfortable today, me belly is really tight and my back is aching. Feel like I need to lie down more throughout the day to get the weight off me- is this normal? Luckily I can work from home some days but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep going for 4 more weeks working.
Just can’t believe how uncomfortable I am today! Please tell me if there’s anything I can do to relieve the back ache of carrying extra weight?! Any tips? Is lying down more my best option?

OP posts:
Regenbogen22 · 26/04/2022 14:38

Have you tried one of those belly support bands/belts?

Flowerbug1994 · 26/04/2022 14:44

Am 33+3 and I feel ya !! Am working from home 3 days a week and Am just about to put in for a week of leave before Mat so I finish 3 weeks on Friday which is 3 weeks before my date cause I am so so tired and just haven’t got it in me to sit at a desk all day. My bum goes numb back ache the lot

HWka · 26/04/2022 19:48

@Regenbogen22 thank you! Bought a belt off Amazon tonight I’ll ASAP!
@Flowerbug1994 i hear ya! I think I’m going to put some AL in too, was hoping to hold off but I’m so uncomfortable I think I might need the time to rest before baby comes xxx

OP posts:
unknownscot · 26/04/2022 20:15

It might seem silly but when I was feeling really tight and uncomfortable the best cure was to lie down with a bump mask on (I used the my little coco bump sheet mask)

In hindsight I was so tight because my skin was so dry!

fossilsmorefossils · 26/04/2022 21:45

I had one of those big blow up balls that I sometimes sat on, or I sat on my knees hunched over it or whatever position worked. Just a little break from feeling unconfortable does help in ghe next hour.

Alternatively, can you stop working earlier? I don't know your financial situation but these last few weeks are a bit more blah. Better to sleep through them as much as posdible imo.

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