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Solid nursery furniture?

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UncomfortableBadger · 12/01/2022 14:19

It feels a bit early but we’re starting to tentatively look at nursery furniture as most stockists seem to have a several weeks lead time on each range…

I’d assumed that the big brands like Mamas & Papas, Silver Cross etc would have more sturdy, solid nursery furniture but my experience so far is that they feel no better than IKEA flat pack (at which point I can’t help but think that we’d be best off just paying for IKEA!).

Would love some really sturdy, solid furniture but everywhere seems a bit flimsy so far. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Thank you all!

OP posts:
Nuglife123 · 13/01/2022 16:50

Hi, I've been fortunate to be gifted a second hand set from mamas and papas, the ocean range. Its solid oak and lovely furniture. They don't sell it anymore but I've seen quite a few of the light oak ones on ebay and would recommend, really happy with it Smile

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