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Reduction in growth of body hair...BOY OR GIRL???!!!

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goodcatholicgirl · 19/12/2007 14:53

HI y'all!
I'm 20 weeks pg, my second pgy. I am normally quite a 'hairy mutha' but have noticed a definite reduction in the growth of the hair on my legs, and arms (yes, I have my arms waxed! )
My hairdresser even commented, without me saying anything, that my head hair, was finer (normally have thick hair).

I know this can happen in pgy, 3 people have told me it's indicative of a girl, but three friends who had boys said they def had it too.

First pgy had no reduction in hair growth and had a girl.

Any comments???

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Saturn74 · 19/12/2007 14:55

Definitely indicative of a girl.

Or a boy.

goodcatholicgirl · 19/12/2007 15:01

oooooo, cheeky!!!

Don't mind what I have, would like one of each but would equally like two girls.

I'm not that desperate to know, not finding out at 20 week scan!

OP posts:
Saturn74 · 19/12/2007 15:03
coldtits · 19/12/2007 15:03


I got very hairy both times and had two boys.

TheChickenLady · 19/12/2007 15:09


Didn't shave my legs as much when pregnant with DD... or maybe I just stopped caring.

Myrrhcy · 19/12/2007 15:11

This happened in both of my pregnancies.

I have one girl and one boy!

PoinsettiaBouquets · 19/12/2007 15:14

Nothing! I got hairier with my DD and my DS. I found I couldn't pluck my own eyebrows anymore, baby wouldn't let me inflict pain on myself - had to get them waxed much more often.

santascRUMPELedsuit · 19/12/2007 15:16


oljam · 19/12/2007 15:19

I had two boys and was deffo less hairy while preggers with both!

Maybe it's a pregnancy thing.

My2Weegirls · 19/12/2007 15:22

my legs got less hairy
my tummy got hairy
head hair got even thicker with both pregnancies

was a girl both times

Bouncingturtlewithtinsel · 19/12/2007 15:23

Sorry to add a serious note to this conversation, but I was warned that this might be an indication of a thyroid problem. I noticed that my body hair has grown less and my head hair hardly drops out like it used to, now that I'm pg.
Turned out to be nothing, but Goodcatholicgirl I would mention it to your midwife.
I don't know what I am having!

Bink · 19/12/2007 15:28

First pregnancy - very noticeably less hair (legs in particular) - noticed it even without knowing it was something to look out for (and I'm not generally v hairy anyway) so all very marked = boy

Second pregnancy - no noticeable change = girl

No subsequent pregnancies (so no useful parallel testing).

chloemegjess · 20/12/2007 19:49

I am expecting a girl and I am 39weeks. I have had more hair in some areas, but less on others! So I guess it just depends!

PurlyQueen · 20/12/2007 20:11

The hair between my navel and ankles has taken on a life of its own.
I reckon I'm having a boy, but who knows?

hannahsaunt · 20/12/2007 20:14

According to old wives tales it's a girl but it happened this time to me with ds3...only needed my legs waxed twice in 9 months

cassiegemini · 20/12/2007 20:32

I barely had to shave during preg and my nails didn't grow much. Also cancelled a hair appt as it barely grew. I had a boy!

deaconblue · 20/12/2007 20:39

I was much less monkey-like in pregnancy and I have a bonny boy. I think it's just the pregnancy hormones that do it.

PurlyQueen · 20/12/2007 20:51

This thread had reminded me to make an appointment to get my legs waxed, as my DH kindly told me last night that i had legs like a sailor's

KashaSarrasin · 20/12/2007 20:53

With DS, I had a lot less hair, only had to shave once in the second and third trimesters

MegaLegs · 20/12/2007 20:56

Hair on head was thick and lovely and got really long. Tummy got fluffy but I think this is just the hairs already there standing up as your skin stretches. Legs only hairy at the bottom (where I couldn't reach) and this is still the case nearly 3 years on. Mine were all boys.

goodcatholicgirl · 21/12/2007 09:09

OK, so basically, it could be either!!!!

Thanks all of you!!!

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