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Spritz for Bits or other sprays

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Thack · 15/01/2021 21:37

Mummies, looking for your experience please!
Spritz for Bits / perineum sprays - worth getting or just another cost?

I've read about using a water spray bottle or peeing in the bath if it's really painful after birth. Is this enough or worth another product? 🤔

OP posts:
PFin · 16/01/2021 06:32

This is my 2nd pregnancy and i have bought the spritz for bits. A girl i know raved about it after having her baby a few weeks ago. She said it helped sooth those first wee's after birth and she also sprayed it over her maternity pads before she put them on as the ingredients (i know theres witchhazel) help you heal better. Hope its worth the buy as you know its not cheap!

iamverytired · 16/01/2021 06:36

I used spritz for bits, did help with the pain but I hated the smell, felt like it made me smell unclean

freckledsloth · 16/01/2021 06:37

I had some but didn't actually use it. I definitely recommend a squirty water bottle though, was a lifesaver after an episiotomy!

Jeshka07 · 16/01/2021 07:13

I had some first time, really think it helped with healing and feeling a bit fresher after a 3rd degree tear 😖. 33 weeks now with 2nd baby and definitely going to order again this time round.x

Crimblecrumble1990 · 16/01/2021 07:44

I bought one of those Squeezy water bottles to pour down there when you are having a wee. However I never found it hurt/stung at all and I had an episiotomy.

I did find it useful to have though to keep everything clean when you might not have a chance to jump in the shower with a newborn.

Springtimemam · 16/01/2021 09:38

I've bought some. I got it a bit cheaper in the black friday sale with some other bits.
This is my second and i remember it did hurt to pee the first few days but try and stay hydrated and the more diluted your pee is the less it stings. The spray is meant to be good to promote healing aswell as it has antibacterial ingredients x

Twizbe · 16/01/2021 09:43

Never bothered with either of mine. I had one third degree tear and one with no tear.

I poured warm water over myself while I pee'd to stop the sting. Then dab dry with kitchen roll (put in the bin NOT down the loo)

Trufflepuffpuff · 16/01/2021 09:48

I used it and it definitely helped with the pain after an episiotomy. I just sprayed some on my maternity pads and it had a nice cooling effect.

Chelyanne · 16/01/2021 09:53

I wouldn't spend extra money on such things. If you have something you can spray or pour water to dilute it down and stay well hydrated you'll be fine.

turnthebiglightoff · 16/01/2021 09:57

I sprayed spritz for bits and diluted witch hazel onto my maternity pads, worked absolute miracles after my episiotomy and other tear. Really great stuff!

waterlego · 16/01/2021 10:40

I don’t think these products existed when I had my babies. I had tears with both, and labial grazes. I kept a jug in the bathroom and poured water over my bits while weeing, and I used lavender oil in the bath. Both of these seemed to help enormously.

mrsed1987 · 16/01/2021 10:46

I didn't bother. But what u did do was my first couple of wees in the shower cubicle with the shower spraying there (I was in birthing centre so own room and en suite) would deffo recommend if possible!

Pumpkinangel · 16/01/2021 11:29

I had a episiotomy for my first with 2nd degree tear, I found it more comfortable for the first week peeing in the shower and using a jug of warm water to pour over then pat dry. I also bought a bottle of witch hazel from chemist for £3 and every night sat in the bath with a few inches of warm water just enough to sit in and put some WH in, i then sat in it for no more than 5-10 mins then got out and pat dry, i then use to lie on the bed with a towel down and just let it air dry down there, u can also use hairdryer on lowest setting to dry down there.

Superscientist · 16/01/2021 14:44

I brought a squeezy sports bottle with me but forgot to take it with me for my first wee. I didn't have any discomfort though nor with the first bowel movement.

For the first 12-24h I had disposable maternity pads (midwife suggestion) but switched to reusables/cloth sanitary pads after this and I wish I had only used reusables as they were so much nicer! I don't intend on buying another disposable pad again!

onedream · 16/01/2021 15:07

Bought Spritz for bits next day delivery the day I gave birth and had a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy, this spray helped a lot a also used it to spray on maternity pads, I had a lot of stitches and this provided comfort and cooling effect when on pad, all healed nicely and fast.

Welshcake15 · 16/01/2021 18:32

I had Spritz for bits after an episiotomy and forceps delivery and it was an absolute lifesaver! I really credit it with feeling fairly normal within two weeks of giving birth.

olderthanyouthink · 16/01/2021 19:57

I had Bottoms up spray which has arnica and it really helped with my bashed up bits, only a superficial tear but the bruising was painful (also at least once or twice after sex I have swollen up painfully and it helped)

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