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2003 babies

43 replies

Harrysmum · 01/07/2002 15:00

Just back from my 12 (apparently really 13) week scan with lovely photos to prove that the baby really is there and not just a figment of my imagination! I am due in early January-ish - any other 2003 babies due? Another surprise baby but without the hyperemisis that had me hospitalised for the best part of 4 months the last time (don't know what that says about the sex??). Now the hard part - telling work - I had just accepted a promoted post when I found out - I decided not to tell until I had the scan & told family/friends but the moment has arrived...

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anoushka · 09/12/2002 16:15

hi all i had my scan today and i found out what it was i was realy torn in deciding to be a party popper and find out before or just wait well i asked and it's a GIRL i am soooooo pleased i was realy hoping it would be. what is the chance of them getting it wrong i would be very upset if you are all set up for a girl and a boy arrives i would love to know i am due in march

MiriamW · 09/12/2002 17:06

Anoushka, my hospital quotes statistics that if they predict a girl they are 93% accurate, and if they predict a boy they are 97% accurate. For the record at my 20 weeks scan I was told I was carrying a girl, but now have a wonderful 20 month old boy! I'd actually also had a "bonding video" at 26 weeks privately, and this showed the correct sex very clearly.

I was amazed this time round when they gave a prediction of another boy at my nuchal scan at 13 weeks, though in this case they said that they were 80% certain.

anoushka · 10/12/2002 19:08

hi what hospital are you talking about i live in south east london my hospital in lewisham i had my scan at twenty four weeks and the seemed to be quite sure of the sex i did not ask the % but i suppose if they are doing it all the time them know what to look for

Harrysmum · 10/12/2002 22:25

Very relieved - after a dreadful night on Saturday the wee boy has turned himself round so back to normal birth plan (fingers crossed!). Apparently he has lots of hair, a fat tummy and long legs! I am hoping that he won't be here until after the whole Christmas/New Year scenario but defintely here before we move house (otoh 23 Jan is the latest they will let me go before being induced so I could be in having him and recuperating whilst everyone else does the moving... But still quite disabled by my pelvis being so soft already; it's making shopping less of the joy that I was looking forward to. But still - not long to go!!

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katmam · 11/12/2002 11:12

Good news Harrysmum, and how lovely to hear (kind of) what he looks like!! Think I prefer the option of being in hospital whilst everyone else is moving your house for you, but then it means having to wait longer for the arrival, doesn't it? I know what you mean about the soft pelvis thing - never had it with dd (or don't remember it!) but this time round ... it is making life rather more awkward! Good luck and keep us posted - looking forward to hearing about the new arrivals!

Hughsie · 12/12/2002 10:35

Hello All - Mog - we must be due around the same time and with a toddler to deal with too! DS is 20 months and at his 18 month check the health visitor sympathised with me about his challenging behaviour! He's not really naughty - just boisterous and obsessive about doors and light switches - bit tricky when he uses my bump as a foot hold to reach them. It is definitely much harder being pregnant with a toddler around. I'm still sick in the mornings too and generally feeled wiped out. It all feels very tight in there too - I expected it to be baggier (is that a word?) second time around but I get lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and the baby is very active despite the limited space. All of which is nice and comforting I suppose but hard work and uncomfortable!

Debating the issue of home birth at the moment to try and acheive a more relaxed experience than last time (long last stage followed by episiotomy and ventouse - ouch!) Midwife is encouraging and says that stitches can be avoided!! - yes please!!

Good luck to you all - especially those of you who are getting near.

Harrysmum · 29/12/2002 23:24

Hi, how are you all surviving post Christmas? It was lovely to be at home and have people here but so glad that it's all over as well - it was very tiring. Spent most of today in bed with contractions remembering what it was like with ds1. Have a midwife appointment tomorrow and think that I'm hoping she'll send me in to get him out - the thought of more days like today isn't pleasant! Last time these contractions went for weeks and I went in not thinking I was in labour, just some bleeding but turned out to be 4cm and not allowed home without him out. Having had my waters broken for me and then a v quick labour I feel quite ignorant about what to expect from a "normal" labour so of amything would just like the same again as I know it was survivable! Good luck to everyone else!

OP posts:
katmam · 02/01/2003 14:09

Happy New Year everyone! Thought you might like to know I didn't quite make it to 2003 - I had a lovely wee girl at 0858 on 31st December! I've posted details on the Birth Announcements thread.

Hope all is well with everyone, and good luck!

katmam · 20/01/2003 17:29

It's very quiet on this thread these days! Anyone got any good news to share with us, or are you all still hanging on there?

DD2 is now 3 weeks old and doing very well. BF is going well, although a bit sore to start with. She's good at night - most of the time! - usually going for anything up to 5 hours between feeds at night, which is great. DD1 absolutely adores her wee sister and the pair of them get on like a house on fire. DH is still off work (has been since Christmas) and is a huge help - we'll be lost without him when he has to go back to work in a couple of weeks!!

Hope everyone is well. Keep us posted with all the new arrivals.

Hughsie · 08/02/2003 15:43

Hello - Yes I'm certainly still hanging on in there Katman. I'm nearly 38 weeks now. Hope you are coping and getting enough sleep!

Mog - How are you - I think we are due similar time?

i'm going for a hoem birth in theory - but I suppose you can never tell what will happen - and logistics of childcare may get in the way!

Hope everyone is well - there are so many threads of people due at varying times in 2003 - it's difficult to know where to make contact!

deegward · 08/02/2003 18:47

Hughsie, just so that you know. Mog gave birth I think it was on Wednesday, check out Childbirth, and the "I think my waters have broken etc etc"

Funny story though
I had to go back to the practice nurse on Friday as my las GP appointment had slight protein and raised BP. So duly went with sample and the nurse said to give her five minutes as she did the test. Went and sat outside with DS and then was called back in. Nurse said "its +ve" to which I said "great, what did you test me for?" she said pregnancy. COnsidering I am 33 weeks!!!!

Phoned midwife and she came tound to do test properly and take BP. BP fine but baby sitting breech. What can I do to encourgae turn?

Hughsie · 09/02/2003 10:17

Ds1 was transverse until quite late on and my mw suggested going on all fours and swaying the hips. Baby did turn and I've heard it work for breech positions too - good luck!

Rosy · 02/04/2003 14:30

Hi everyone. I never joined this thread before - I think I was scared of tempting fate. (Some of you may remember that I had a termination 15 months ago that I posted about on Mumsnet). However, I can now report that I have a lovely new boy born 5 weeks ago, after an almost scarily fast labour. I was still in the waiting room an hour before he popped out, so it was just a case of getting on a bed and pushing. At least there was no time to worry about anything. I felt absolutely fantastic afterwards, compared to how awful I'd felt being heavily pg, and was discharged after less than 6 hours (just as well as they didn't have any beds available).

Everything has been so much easier this time round, so I've been able to enjoy those first few weeks much more. I feel so lucky to have him.

How are all the other New Year babies doing?

Marina · 02/04/2003 15:11

ROSY! Is he five weeks old already?? How wonderful to hear your news and warmest congratulations. So glad that labour was fast and straightforward.

bells2 · 02/04/2003 15:46

That's lovely news Rosy. Congratulations.

WideWebWitch · 02/04/2003 17:09

Hey, what lovely news, well done Rosy.

katmam · 04/04/2003 11:49

Rosy - well done and congratulations!

My little bundle (Olivia) is now nearly 14 weeks old. I can hardly believe it - the time has gone by in a flash! She's been (and still is) an absolute angel - sleeping through the night from 9 weeks. (Started doing that on the first night I put her into a sleeping bag - what a godsend those things are!) Stopped breastfeeding her at the same time: pure coincidence - was hoping to still breastfeed through the night but she decided she'd had enough of that malarky and slept through!

Has anyone heard from Harrysmum?

Harrysmum · 05/05/2003 22:11

Hi, back after v long break during which time ds2 was born on 5 Jan and is just adorable. Moved house two weeks later during which the modem died so between that and the pc now living in the basement haven't made it on to mumsnet in months. It's great to be back though - just don't know quite where to start on the threads! Back to work in 4 weeks which I think will be much harder the second time than the first - this has been such a blissful maternity leave with a very easy second baby and quite accommodating toddler. Hope all is well with everyone.

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