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twisty · 15/02/2006 17:35

Never tried cranberry juice but was wondering if it was recommended in pregnancy to help prevent UTI'S. If so, are there any recommendations - have seen ocean spray cranberry classic juice and ocean spray select cranberry juice and not sure which one to buy - does it taste nice? and what's the difference?

OP posts:
Blu · 15/02/2006 17:37

Look and see which has a higher percentage of cranberry juice, and choose that one. Fine in pg, and reputed to be v good for cystitis.

Kelly1978 · 15/02/2006 17:38

look in fridge and see if you can find any pre cranberry, pressed rather than from concentrate. Def good for utis.

NatalieJane · 15/02/2006 17:38

I'm not keen on cranberry so I Can't help with which one to buy but it was advised to me by my M/W

Kelly1978 · 15/02/2006 17:38

don't know where the pre sneaked in, meant to say fresh.

kreamkrackers · 15/02/2006 17:40

it's very good for cleaning out your water system. i like the taste of it but it leaves me with a dry throat after drinking it so i have water after having it. also drinking lots of water helps prevent uti and having less salt as your wee should look like water.

twisty · 15/02/2006 17:45

Thanks everyone - had a looked for fresh cranberry and they all seemed to be made from concentrate - the cranberry select was in the fridge with a relatively short expiry and ingredients included c. juice from concentrate, cranberry puree, sugar, water and vitamin c I think. The longer life one (not in fridge) contained same minus the cranberry puree.

OP posts:
harrisey · 15/02/2006 19:57

I suffered recurrent kidney infections in pregnancy and was advised to drink cranberry juice by my Urologist. I had the OCean Spray one as all I could find at the time, drank 1/2 pt per day.

melsy · 15/02/2006 20:11

I must say , Ive gone through nearly a litre a day since Sunday, as have had UTI and been on ab's. My waters gone from dark and cloudy to completly clear , Ive never seen that before. Could that mean Ive had a problem for some time, or is the high cranberry amount doing some wonders to my system???

Twiglett · 15/02/2006 20:22

I would say to dilute the cranberry with water because its really strong

if you weren't pregnant would advise diluting it with vodka

btw 7 oz a day is recommended amount re avoiding cystitis

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