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How should I vote?

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KayHarker · 02/05/2010 14:08

Yes, I am too lazy to do my own thinking.

I am genuine floating voter in a swing seat that is overwhelmingly Tory/Labour. I've liked Nick Clegg and vince Cable but there is literally no point in voting for them here. I don't want to not vote at all, but I'm in a quandary.

What would you do?

OP posts:
happikidz · 02/05/2010 22:05

Very happy with idea of voting with heart but don't forget that this election will be decided under the current rules and whoever gets the most seats wins and if they have a majority become the government and will get on with their agenda.

Tashtodd · 02/05/2010 22:30

Happikidz: your last post is complete nonsense: what is the fantasy about waste and inefficiency - do you actually know? Post the link please where the tories say they will cut surestart.

happikidz · 02/05/2010 22:49

Tashtodd, the fantasy about waste and efficiency is the idea that you can cut £6,000,000,000 of spending without impacting on anything of value because all government spend is waste and inefficiency. That's what they say. They call hospital administrators waste, teaching assistants waste, community support officers waste. What's your disagreement here? Haven't you heard them?

On sure start they have said on record that they will limit it to the most disadvantaged. I will go and look for the source for you. It is hard to get deep specifics on Tory cuts because even when Gordon Brown askes David Cameron in front of 10 million people what he will cut and what he won't, his answer is to call Brown desparate and ignore the question but they have said that on sure-start and I'll bet neither you nor anyone can find any statement that they will protect it.

happikidz · 02/05/2010 22:56

Institute for Fiscal Studies, Education Briefing, 26th April 2010

?The Conservative?s manifesto says that they would keep the Sure Start programme. However, it states (p43) that they would ?take Sure Start back to its original purpose of early intervention, increase its focus on the neediest families, and better involve organisations with a track record in supporting families?. It is unclear whether this would involve an overall reduction in real-terms funding or a shift of existing resources towards deprived families (perhaps through means-testing).?

BarnMummy · 02/05/2010 23:02

Kay, have you tried one of those "how should I vote?" questionnaire things? There's one here and I'm sure there are others.

KayHarker · 03/05/2010 13:41

Barnmummy, ried that didn't work, but I've tried ones that have. I think I might be brave and vote with my conscience.

OP posts:
Cablepower · 03/05/2010 14:13

It would benefit my family to vote TORY. My husband is a high earner in the city. But I am voting LIB DEM. This is not a protest vote but using a bit of savvy, some heart and raw frustration with the disproportion of wealth across the UK. If I vote Tory it's a narrow, selfish vote.

When CEOs of supermarkets and newspaper editors start using scare tactics, you know it's a desperate bid to protect the stranglehold our business leaders and media have over our politicians. To protect the power of big corporations.

I want a leadership with the courage to break up the monopolies that close down local shops, pubs, post offices and bus routes. But politicians are in the pockets of businessmen that pull the strings.

Their wives are not.

Businesspeople will put economy first and we have witnessed systematic failure in these corporations of huge proportions motivated by personal greed.

I do not want to be governed by leadership that fails to notice that according to UNICEF our kids are the unhappiest in Europe. How many are on anti depressants, take Class A drugs, self harm, have under-age sex, binge drink, over eat, under eat? The happiest nations in the world are often the poorest economically speaking.

Current economics is blind to the damage being done to our environment. By shopping in these supermarkets we as consumers are facilitating a depletion of resources that will deny our children fish, farmland and forests and we buy without thought from companies that pollute our world. Try buying British next supermarket shopping trip. See how little we now produce in the UK. But businessmen and politicians alike believe that saving the planet means destroying the economy. The same economy that is hanging in by a thread? They fear media backlash and they fear for their jobs.

We all need to look responsibly at the big picture, to be prepared to take the pain and to change our ways. To be unselfish in our vote. Mums are good at that. But we need to use our vote and vote with our head, hearts and a wish for a better future not based on monetary well being. Do we have the personal courage to be the change that we want from our politicians?

I want a political system strong enough to believe in us by allowing real democracy. Our electoral system is skewed in favour of two main parties. One has failed miserably to deliver in thirteen years. The other is trying bully tactics to scare us away from a party that offers the closest thing to electoral reform and a real democracy.

The LIB DEMS did not want IRAQ and have always had a strong environmental voice. Vince Cable has demonstrated sound economic judgment and forecast the banking fiasco well before the other two parties woke up to it. They want to offer us real democracy via proportional representation. If that means instability in economics bring it on...we are living with it daily and many world government do extremely well on a hung parliament.

Vince Cable will take my husband's bonus and distribute it fairly. That's the right thing to do. I trust and hope LIB DEMS will start again. I know they are not perfect but I have looked hard at all the manifestos and I like what I see. Not for me but for Britain as a whole. I will not waste my vote. I will vote for the LIB DEMS...and hope for a different future based on values that are not measured by the strength of the pound.

If you have strong conviction in voting Labour or Conservatives then I respect your beliefs. But many of us have sat on fences. If we don't vote we deserve more of the same. I want something different and better which is why after much soul searching...I'll be voting LIB DEM.

scaryteacher · 03/05/2010 14:50

You are repetitive Cablepower aren't you?

£61k on pens and mugs advertising the totally unnecessary Contactpoint database isn't waste then Happikidz? Roads are a low priority? Great, tell that to those who live in rural areas where there are no trains and only one bus a day. Cars are a life line. The UK isn't just towns with the countryside as a theme park - people live in the countryside, pay taxes and are entitled to good roads and not pothole international!

Cablepower · 03/05/2010 18:10

Sorry for the repetition...and yes you do sound like a scary teacher. What is your solution? It's uncertain up here on the fence! Curious to know who you are voting for. You sound very decided.

Roastchicken · 03/05/2010 18:28

Decide which issue matters to you most and then vote on that basis. In an ideal world, I'd vote for a party which is LibDems on Europe, Labour on social issues and on priority for investment but Conservative in terms of balancing the books and deficit reduction. I've decided which area concerns me the most and am voting on that basis.

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