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Is it legal

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newwave · 16/02/2011 16:28

Myself and others have posted items which detail tax avoidance and other money grabbing schemes, I am aware that people from all political parties (and none) do this.

The thing is that it appears to be only the Tories on this site that think this is ok because it is legal and nothing else matters. Others from the left seem to understand that it may be legal but is is also immoral/greedy/unfair etc.

Francis Maude is a prime example, he used the rules to aquire public money but how can anyone defend him as the Tory posters have done, what he did was within the "rules" but it was just plain greedy.

Still "we are all in it together" says "offshore Gideon Gekko"

OP posts:
Xenia · 20/02/2011 17:58

The more yiou tax the rich the less tax is recovered and the worse off the poor are.

It is a fundamental right that people only pay the tax due. If the laws are morally wrong then change the law but don't criticise a husband and wife who both claim a single personal allowance rather than only the husband working and just getting one (or other tax avoidance). it's just perfectly lawful and nothing wrong with it. As most of us spend our money better than Governments do the more good is done the less we are taxed.

GabbyLoggon · 24/02/2011 12:47


you put the case well. There is law and personal moral responsibility.

Nicky from Sheffield keeps mentioning Taxevasion/Avoidance. But the top political commentators say little or nothing will be done. HMG should prove them wrong. "Gabby"

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