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Della's Law - Close DBS loophole, ban sex offenders from changing their name.

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Thelnebriati · 23/02/2023 13:24

''The Government is facing mounting pressure to crack down on a 'dangerous loophole' that sees '7,000 sex offenders' drop off the list 'every year', it has been claimed. Paedophiles, perverts and sex fiends are slipping under the radar - and even end up working in schools and care homes, MP Sarah Champion warned.''
The MP has been campaigning alongside the Safeguarding Alliance and child sex abuse victim Della Wright.''
''Della, who waived her right to anonymity to tell her harrowing story last year, has been pushing for Della's Law - a proposed law to stop sex offenders from changing their names. And now, after four years, the "very real issue" will be debated in parliament on March 2.

The Safeguarding Alliance are asking you for help. Please download the letter template below and send to your local MP to get them to support this debate.

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