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Free #CyntoiaBrown

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stumbledin · 13/12/2018 00:11

The contrast between Cyntoia Brown's sentence of 51 years compared to any number of men who have not been sentenced for acts of violence is truely horrifying.

Petition asking Tennessee Governor to grant clemency to Cyntoia Brown

#CyntoiaBrown was not a sex worker, she was not a prostitute. She was a child who was a victim of sex trafficking. She feared for her life so she defended herself by killing the man who bought her for sex as a 16-year old. She’s already served 13 years. The Tennessee Supreme Court says she must spend 51 years behind bars before she can be released.

This is our so-called justice system discarding another black woman.
We must demand the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, issue executive clemency before he leaves office.
Email him here: //[email protected]
Phone: (615) 741-2001

If you want to send Cyntoia a message of support you can write or send a card (advice is only use white envelopes?) to:
Cyntoia Brown
Tennessee Prison for Women
2 North, B49
3881 Stewarts Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302

(sorry I have lost some of the links I got this info from but a quick google or search of twitter will bring up lots of info. )

OP posts:

MargueritaPink · 14/12/2018 07:41

I saw this on FWR and then couldn't find it.


PencilsInSpace · 14/12/2018 14:36



UpstartCrow · 14/12/2018 14:41

Amnesty may be ignoring her but Black Lives Matter are speaking out for her. Apparently her sentence is being reviewed.


TwistedStitch · 14/12/2018 14:49

The way Justin Lang worded his question in that link is excellent. I hope the governor gives clemency before he leaves.


stumbledin · 14/12/2018 18:44

When I posted this I didn't know that petition links weren't allowed on feminist chat (or activism)

It was suggested I set up a thread to discuss the case without petition links, which I have now done

Someone explained to me that petitions are filed by mumsnet under classified. Not sure that anybody would think to look there!!

OP posts:

0ccamsRazor · 14/12/2018 20:38

Bump and signed both petitions

Poor girl Sad, words do not adequately express the disgust at how she is being treated by the (in) justice system


tellmewhenthespaceshiplands · 14/12/2018 20:48

Bumped and signed. This is just appalling, that poor young woman.


MargueritaPink · 14/12/2018 20:48

I read in one report that as well as all the other crap cards life dealt her she is affected by foetal alcohol syndrome. Poor woman.

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