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Corrie McKeague

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Hidingtonothing · 22/07/2017 13:00

Corrie is the RAF gunner who disappeared last September on a night out in Bury St Edmonds. Yesterday the police announced they are halting the search of Milton landfill site despite maintaining this is where they believe Corrie's body to be. His family are devastated as you can imagine, no one should have to picture landfill as their loved ones' resting place. A petition has been started and also an email campaign to show public support for the continuation of the search. The petition is here if anyone would like to sign and you can also email the Police and Crime Commissioner:
Telephone: 01473 782773
Email: [email protected] if you would like to show support.

OP posts:
Hidingtonothing · 22/07/2017 13:02

Will post petition link again as it didn't work properly

OP posts:
StillStayingClassySanDiego · 22/07/2017 13:04

His poor Parents and family, I cannot even begin to imagine the mental torture they are going through.


Edsheeranalbumparty · 22/07/2017 13:07

Oh, why are they halting the search? Do they just think it will be too difficult to find him now? Sad

MumIsRunningAMarathon · 22/07/2017 13:09

its been going on for a longlong time now......costing millions

all that manpower etc. how can they sustain it?

SnickersWasAHorse · 22/07/2017 13:09

My friend works for the company that manages where waste goes. He was saying that there is a small chance that that bin may have gone to the incinerator rather than the landfill. It should have gone to the landfill but sometimes it does get incinerated.

Gingernaut · 22/07/2017 13:09

The more we hear about his life, the more I think WTAF?

He was an extremely reckless young man - who regularly get drunk and sleeps in bins?

Dailystuck71 · 22/07/2017 13:12

And Ginger? What does it matter? What matters now is that his parents need to find him.

FeiYenKansu · 22/07/2017 13:14

It's awful for his loved ones but the police have to have a cut off somewhere.


Officers are finishing their search through more than 6,400 tons of rubbish as part of a bid to find the vanished RAF gunner.

They have spent a massive amount of man hours in the search and as sad as it is they have now stopped the landfill search and focus on other crimes.

Gingernaut · 22/07/2017 13:26

There are many WTF parts to this inquiry.

The weight discrepancy in the bin contents - why didn't the waste company tell the truth right off the bat?

If they lied/were mistaken/were confused about that, then as "SnickersWasAHorse" said, where the waste ended up could be an issue.

Corrie may not be at the landfill, which had already received tons more rubbish before they started to search for him there.

MumIsRunningAMarathon · 22/07/2017 14:37

They can't be sure he's even in there

No... it's sensible to wind it down now

LucieLucie · 22/07/2017 15:54

It's been an awful case from the beginning with wrong information being given several times by the waste management company.

The most like scenario is that Corrie was in the bin - his mobile phone certainly tracked along the route the bin lorry took at the same time.

The police can only act on the information they get from the waste company. If they've searched the wrong area it's because they've been told wrong the information.

I can only imagine it's a torture worse that death for Corries family and for the police to give up now is cruel and morally wrong.

That waste company should be penalised for horrendous record keeping and have a thorough health & safety inspection carried out. The very fact it could have taken what was meant to be recycling to landfill and then find out it could have been incinerated is just unacceptable.


twoheaped · 22/07/2017 15:59

The waste company, as I understand it, didn't record the weight as they didn't have to. The contract was to remove x amount of bins and they were paid to do that, regardless of the weight.
The waste company made a genuine mistake in the first instance with the weight they gave.

MumIsRunningAMarathon · 22/07/2017 17:03

That's what I thought two

Also, police should double check all information

FeiYenKansu · 22/07/2017 17:31

Why penalise the waste company?

No disrespect to his family but he was completely responsible for his lifestyle choices of getting so drunk he had to sleep in bins rather than find a safe way to get home.

Unless there was foul play and he was murdered, he chose not to drink sensibly and climb into the bin!

Remember Maldon Lake? Thousands of people had enjoyed it for many decades then one night some idiot got so drunk he thought he'd go swimming and he drowned. His wife campaigned and they closed the boating lake down and made it a wildlife reserve and to placate families opened a nearby water park.

Sometimes people do stupid things (often excessive alcohol related) and they come cropper. It's no one else's fault but their own no matter how sad it is for their loved ones.

IamDBCooper · 22/07/2017 17:40

@fei Loved Maldon Lake. Spent many childhood days at the 'fake beach' as we called it!

I think the whole Thing is desperately sad. It must be heartbreaking for his family to come so close and then have it Snatched away but it does come to a point where the police have to say stop. I can completely understand why his mother feels how she does though.

ShatnersWig · 22/07/2017 17:44

Sorry, but over £1 million has been spent to try and find a body. There are missing persons who never get that spent on searching for them when they're believed to be alive. If the family wish to use the money raised from the public that's fine but I'm sorry you can't justify spending more public money on this, sad though it must be for the family.

MumIsRunningAMarathon · 22/07/2017 18:39

Shock over a million?!

MorrisZapp · 22/07/2017 18:41

No I won't sign. Desperately sad for his family but it's not an appropriate use of resources, as there wasn't a crime.

Horsemad · 22/07/2017 18:45

Did his girlfriend have the baby?

Toddlerteaplease · 22/07/2017 18:45

I agree with Morris.

Japonicathehorseygirl · 22/07/2017 18:48

So sad but I think that if the area planned to be searched has been then there is not much more the police can do.

Tessticklesyourfancy · 22/07/2017 18:49

I'm so sorry for the family. I assume that there is absolutely no evidence in any form to suggest foul play, sadly it seems a case that he climbed into a bin and he would have been killed instantly by the lorry. I'm sure the police would ask for more from the government to keep searching if they thought they had a chance of finding him.
The drinking culture among some people is another issue and not one to be brought out at the moment
Maybe there will be a campaign by his family in future that highlights the dangers just as we've seen in the past with families of people who've died from drug related problems, I've no idea but I do know they will be utterly devastated at the loss and no closure.

Whattheduck · 22/07/2017 18:56

horsemad I'm sure i heard something on the news this week saying that she'd had the baby but i was in and out of the room so didn't hear the full story

SnickersWasAHorse · 22/07/2017 18:57

She has had the baby.

PlayOnWurtz · 22/07/2017 19:00

Is that what happened to Maldon lake!

In fairness I nearly drowned in it as a child as did a friend of mine...

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