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You only have to take the b***** doors off....

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whellid · 04/03/2003 11:22

Just wanted to know what was the stupidest piece of advice that anyone had had from so called experts.
I had a visit from my health visitor last week as my ds (14 months) has been to A&E twice recently - once from his childminders after cutting his head after falling over while pushing a walker around, and once with me after hitting his head and then vomiting on and off for
a few hours.
Anyway, hv comes round and sits there giving me a lecture about safety as ds throws himself round the room, and then after the usual stuff says 'and you should think about taking your doors off'.
I was stunned, not only had ds hit his head on the door frame rather than the door, but what a stupid thing to say. Surely if the doors need to be removed (and does that include the front door?!) then the walls are also dangerous! I couldn't believe she had actually said that, and it negated everything else she had said.

OP posts:
clucks · 05/03/2003 00:52

DS's friend's parents have taken their doors off!!

He now goes crazy swinging off our door handles and banging them everytime he is round as they are totally fascinating to him..

sprout · 05/03/2003 07:58

We put heavy duty foam round the radiator pipes when dd learnt to crawl, to stop her burning herself on them as they get very hot. Soon we realised there were huge bites missing from the foam... and a few days later there were large chunks of black foam in her nappy! Oops! Decided at that point that it was time to teach her the word "hot", and ditched the foam. Good thing we don't have a HV checking up on us here.

slug · 05/03/2003 10:54

LOL sprout, reminds me of the week the sluglet set off the security alarms in every shop we went into. Very puzzling until we discovered several fridge magnets in her nappy.

whellid · 05/03/2003 11:03

Clucks - they must have the same hv as me! or she got the idea from them.

OP posts:
sprout · 05/03/2003 11:26

LOL slug!

Jimjams · 05/03/2003 11:45

whellid- aren't doors meant to be solid???? Mind you I had a nursery school teacher tell me my son (with language delay) "has to talk because what happens if he gets stuck in a cupboard we won't be able to find him". (?!!?) I gave her something my husband calls "one of your looks" and withdrew him from the nursery fairly quickly (other reasons as well).

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