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Pushed to the limit....

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Shattered · 18/12/2002 09:40

Had one of those days today... you know the days when your child gets up on the wrong side of the bed, everything you try to do goes pear-shaped, and then to top it off, your offspring decides to throw a nice, loud, embarrassing tantrum at the shops. Sigh.......................

What I'd like to know from you ladies is - has anyone else besides me ever 'lost it' with your children? I was at my wit's end after ds proceeded to whine and scream from the moment we stepped foot into the shops today, simply because he wanted to go and look at a toy train and I was in a hurry to get a couple of things I needed first. He didn't come up for air even for a minute, just screamed the whole time we were there. I got some really unimpressed looks from other shoppers too.

I can't describe how angry I was. I'd had a rotten day and then I just had to abandon the shopping trip and go home because he was being such a nightmare. I'm ashamed to say that when I got back to the car I shouted at him while holding him in a vice-like grip and he also got an earful when we got home about what a naughty boy he had been. I have since calmed down and feel bad for the way I reacted, but I really felt pushed to the limit this afternoon. Guess I'm just seeking reassurance that I'm not the only one who has ever reacted like this... ds means a lot to me and I feel guilty about the fact that occasionally I have taken my anger out on him. Thanks.. hope this doesn't sound too awful.

OP posts:
prufrock · 03/01/2003 14:08

Oh EmmaTMG, I want to welcome you, but also need to let you know what a poisoned chalice you have found. You will soon start foaming at the mouth when reading a particularly contentious post, ignoring your dp and ds's and staying up to ridiculous hours when you could be sleeping. This place is worse than nicotine. My new years resolution was to not look at Mumsnet whilst at work (I came back yesterday)

EmmaTMG · 03/01/2003 15:14

Oh I'm so glad I've found you all and that I'm no longer a Mumsnet virgin(!) but I have to ask you all something. What do all the abreviations translate into. What are my dp and ds's and when would I need to ingore thew? if one of them is meant to be my husband well I ignore him anyway unless of course it payday!!
I'm sure there must be a translation of these somewhere on this site but it's so much fun doing it this way.

CookieMonster · 03/01/2003 15:19


I'm fairly new too and found all these abbreviations very confusing to begin with. However, you will find that it speeds things up considerably when typing ...

dp = dear/darling partner
dh = husband
ds = son
dd = daughter

hth (= hope this helps)

bayleaf · 03/01/2003 20:30

Hiya Emmatmg - glad you're enjoying Mumsnet so much - I know just how you feel as I don't know what I'd do without it - and I'm certainly not alone in that!!
Keep posting and within a week you'll be hooked for life ( Takes the Jesuits till the child is 7 years to make him 'theirs' - but at Mumsnet give us 7 days and we've got you !!)

mollipops · 04/01/2003 09:33

Welcome EmmaTMG, glad you have found us kindred spirits here!

P.S. The "getting started" link at the top of the talk page is very useful!

jac34 · 04/01/2003 09:46

My ds's were in a real mood yesturday. We had been stuck in the house for days, what with the rain!!! So i decided to take them out for lunch, then go to the garden centre to look at the animals.Their behaviour was awful all day(crawling under peoples tables when we ate, charging through the china dept. in the garden centre,generally performing at every available oppitunity),so I took them to Tescos, put them in the creche, and went to the coffee shop for 30 minutes peace. It was wonderful I shall certainly be doing it again !!!!

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