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Best product(s) for new baby to buy with boots points

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pinkpirlie · 01/07/2023 19:59

I'm due baby #1 in September.

I have over £100 of Boots points to spend.

Would love suggestions of things I can buy that will be really useful for the new baby (or up to 1 year) and would be a good use for the points.
I am still feeling very inexperienced in what's needed.

Note, we plan on using reusable nappies and EBF, and have all the clothes we could ever need thanks for hand me downs and gifts from grandparents.

OP posts:
Spottypineapple · 02/07/2023 08:06

I know it's less fun but there isn't a time pressure then I'd save them for things that you find you need once baby has arrived.

Vitamin D drops, dummies, bibs, swim nappies, weaning bibs, sippy cups, water bottles, baby suncream..... The list of random bits and pieces you'll find you'll need in the first year is endless and it all adds up!

Spottypineapple · 02/07/2023 08:09

(should say if there isn't a time pressure!)

I'd also add, consider using it for things for you too....having a baby takes everything out of you and you need to treat yourself too. New make up, a posh moisturizer, bath soak......eye bag cream 😂

SBAM · 02/07/2023 08:18

I agree with Spottypineapple not to rush to spend it, but a couple of things that I’d consider worth having from the start are Lansinoh nipple cream (in the purple tube) and metanium (in the yellow tube) for any nappy rash. It’s not the all-the-time nappy cream, but it works wonders on clearing up any rashes.

I wouldn’t bother getting bubble bath, I’m sure someone will give you some as a gift, but even the skin friendly ones irritate my sons eczema, so I’d not be buying big bottles of anything. Maybe see if any brands do a trial pack (sometimes you can fill in forms on the website and they’ll send you samples).

Vitamin D if you’re breastfeeding is worth picking up.
Most baby medication can’t be used until they’re over 3 months, but once they get there I’d keep calpol, snufflebabe, a teething remedy, a calpol vapour plug and a thermometer in the house.

Spottypineapple · 02/07/2023 08:52

Oh yes - a digital thermometer definitely.

FrillyGoatFluff · 02/07/2023 12:17

Personally I'd wait until baby is here to buy anything. If you've got the basics (and I'd buy those in the supermarket rather than boots from a cost POV!) you'll be fine. You'll be gifted loads, and then you'll discover loads more that you need that you didn't know you needed (every baby is so different, you can't predict what yours will need!)

Don't assume you'll only need baby stuff either... I spent a small fortune on concealer and foundation when brown marks appeared on my face in late pregnancy. It really got me down - if you need something, make sure you prioritise yourself too!

trrk · 02/07/2023 12:18

Calpol, baby nurofen (make sure they have decent use by dates), underarm thermometer, saline nose drops are all useful (the medicines only after a few months).

However I’d also just wait until you have your baby. Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t go to plan and you might decide to buy a pump (Boots sell them) to bring up supply if baby has trouble latching or even decide to formula feed or combination feed. Either way you would also need bottles.

You might also have strong opinions on things like dummies and disposable nappies and wipes now but change your mind later.

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