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Chips, Crisps, Chips, Crisps diet

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parent · 24/09/2002 00:11

My two year old son is proving difficult when it comes to meal times as all he wants to eat is crisps and chips and sweets. Anyone found a way around this problem. When I've asked anyone they say i should just give him the normal food. If he doesnt eat it thats okay as he'll get so hungary that he eat whatever I give him in the end. Whats your views on this.

OP posts:
jemw · 02/10/2002 23:40


My ds ate anything as baby but got more fussy as older - once he got to about 2 and ahalf I decided no more messing around - I went cold turkey, stopped offereing bread or fruit if he wouldn't eat tea and said he had the same food as us. WOuld mix in things he liked with new stuff so he always had a choice. Helping to cook is a good way to increase interest. He loves to make pizza - I make a dough in food processor and then he spoons on jar of tomato sauce, chopped fried onion, bacon and cheese and he eats it happily( and has a bit of all the food groups)
Now he knows if he does not eat a good tea then no pudding.
His diet is still a bit lacking in vegetables but figures he makes up vit c in fruit (only apples/bananas/raisins but varity of juices) and vegs in pies/pasta sauces etc.

Keep perservering but don't make too much fuss if wont eat, difficult but seems to work for us.

good luck, jemw

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