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Travel toys for 3yr old

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ruleofthree · 10/03/2019 22:47

Can anyone recommend small/travel toys for a three year old? We are going to a wedding at the other end of the country and are looking for things to entertain her on the journey and on the wedding day.

We are going by car so I'm trying to think of things she won't drop all over the car floor after 5 minutes! I've been looking on Amazon but would like to know what has worked for other people.

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musicalmama · 10/03/2019 23:13

Galt toys water magic colouring in books are fab.

blamethecat · 11/03/2019 06:05

Tegu magnetic blocks. They do a travel pack in a little pouch. Sometimes found in tk maxx.

janeisnotmyname · 11/03/2019 06:22

If you have a car seat tray thing then play doh is fab

ruleofthree · 11/03/2019 18:44

Thanks for the great suggestions. I can see me getting quite a few of them Smile

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