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So cute...

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LiamsMum · 11/07/2002 11:21

Did anyone else's heart melt when their toddlers first started to talk? My ds will be two next week and has been saying quite a few words over the past month, but in the last couple of days he's been saying little sentences. The other day he said "Come mum" when he wanted me to follow him somewhere, and tonight he said "Bye, Mama" when I left the room after putting him to bed. It's just so lovely to hear him talking to me, I know it's ridiculous because one day I'll be wishing he would shut up!!! Maybe I'm just feeling extra-soppy at the moment.

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emsiewill · 07/09/2002 22:59

Watching "Stars in their eyes Kids" this evening. One boy was singing "Where is love" from "Oliver", and I was explaining the story ("little boy who has no mum & dad, wonders when someone wil love him" )to dd1 (5.7). Said to her "does that make you sad?" "No, not really" says she. Dd2 (3) pipes up "it makes me sad", and turns to me with tears in her eyes, bursts into tears, and cries for 10 mins about this poor little boy with no-one to love him.
She's just like her dad (cried at the end of "Mrs Doubtfire", even though his parents aren't divorced), whereas dd1 is more like me - hard as nails.

Azzie · 08/09/2002 07:02

Emsiewill, my dh isn't normally very sentimental but he cried at the end of Mrs Doubtfire too.

Willow2 · 08/09/2002 22:42

I read a book to DS which basically ends up with the daddy hare telling his son that he loves him to the moon and back. Anyway, yesterday ds said "I love you to the moon and back" - was just about to burst in to tears and promise him a lifetimes supply of chocolate when he added "where's the moon?"

emsiewill · 08/09/2002 22:55

dd2 was on top form again today. Dd1 was talking about when they grow up, and leave home. Dd2 burst in to tears, and said "but I will miss you so much".

Cawthorne · 09/09/2002 22:08

My MIL had offered to have the boys for the weekend so I thought I'd get DD1 (nearly 3) used to the idea. I told him he was going to Granny for the w/e. He asked whether I was going or his dad and was told that it was just him and his baby brother. There was a brief pause before he said "but we need someone to drive our car"

MandyD · 06/10/2002 19:22

Since the age of (oh, just over) 2, every time my DS has got in the bath he's said "Ahhh, nice warm bath" like a little old man. Don't know where he got the phrase from at all! But tonight I'd left the mixer tap turned to nearly cold and there wasn't enough in the tank to make it any more than just off freezing. But he was desperate to have a bath and so when he got in he said "Ahhh, nice cold bath!" Awwww!!

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