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Concerns with the nursery I work at and DS goes to.. . . LONG sorry

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SammyK · 02/07/2009 00:38

I work as a nursery nurse, been there a couple of months, before which I was a cm. When I am working DS goes too, he is 4y.

I have a few concerns/annoyances, and wanted other people's opinions as I am considering phoning ofsted after today. I am normally asleep at this time but just laid in bed with this all going through my mind so got up to ask MN!

The nursery manager likes the preschoolers to go out in the very large lovely garden straight after dinner, it has been pointed out to her by a member of staff in the past that small children shouldn't be out between 11 and 3 if possible during hot sunny weather, her response to which was, well they would never go out. The nursery opens 8-6 so plenty of time.

Manager went into preschool on Monday during day and turned fans off 'I'm tring to save electricity'. (heatwave)

Even in this heat wave the preschoolers are still going out after lunch (usually for an hour, sometimes even 2), my DS' face was wet with sweat and tears today (will get to the tears later), so much so I called his dad to come pick him up on his way home from a long early shift.

The sinks in the children's toilet area, out of the 5 only 2 have plugs, of these two, one the hot doesn't work and one the cold tap doesn't work. The cook went without an oven for 2 weeks last month, and last week the whole nursery had no hot running water for 2 days. Very hygienic.

There is currently a virus; chicken pox; hand, foot and mouth; and tonsilitus doing the rounds.

The room supervisor in preschool often disappears off upstairs leaving the room understaffed. Say 2 staff to 23 children aged 3-4. She can usually be found chatting to the manager so can't go to her about it.

I have been warned by other staff that pay cheques have been known to bounce.

After school children have no activities or older craft materials provided, just the preschoolers crayons and paper.

DS is autisic and has toilet phobia, and we have had a major breakthrough in him doing his first poo on the loo last night, asked staff in DS's room to carry on his simple toilet routine/schedule which incorporates relaxation techniques and a small reward incentive, only for it to be forgotten and him crying and sobbing. Dad took him home, he immediately cheered up, cooled down, and did his second ever poo in the loo!!!

There is more I could go on and on listing things, am I being neurotic or is this as shoddy and unprofessional as I think it is??

I have also realised if anyone reads this who knows me it will be glaringly obvious who I am but sod it, I need opinions and for that I need to give details.

OP posts:
helpYOUiWILL · 10/07/2009 21:15

hi, how is it all going??

SammyK · 11/07/2009 08:56

I have given my notice and will be contacting Ofsted before I leave. Feel relieved now I have made the decision and am trying not to worry about money too much.

OP posts:
Katymac · 11/07/2009 09:02

Sorry I haven't been around with support Sammy

I am glad you have made a decision you feel is right

Good luck with OFSTED

foxyiscuttinherhairoff4charity · 11/07/2009 09:07

very brave of you Sammy. since you will soon be leaving, get all chatty with other parents, voice your concerns about what they should be looking for, and mention OFSTED to them, mention complaining to the managers about it.

When parents start to complain then Ofsted and the nursery will start to shift their backsides. i don't think you are in the same part of the country as I but I know that at least one nursery in my area has closed recently due to the downturn but another nursery which is fantastic has a growing waiting list and is still expanding.

nurseryvoice · 11/07/2009 10:50

I think you should ask for a formal meeting with the Manager and Owner to discuss your concerns. You should list them and ask them what they are going to do about them.
As mentioned before you also need to ask when they are going to be rectified.
parents complaints must be taken seriously. It is in the EYFS that they should respond within so many days, look in your own personal pack.

I know it is difficult when staff are not very good and need constant supervision, this seems to be the problem here the manager and room supervisor need to be aware that the staff are not very bright, or able to look after children safely and you should ask them what sort of training they can do to rectifythis.

We have monthly staff meetings and incorporate in house training sessions into this to improve practice.

You have nothing to lose but if you dont do anything think about the poor children who have to put up with this,.

Ofsted wont do anything, theyl visit, if they see the problem they will give them so many days to sort it out, which of course they will. but probably revert back to the old ways after a few weeks.

nappyaddict · 16/07/2009 20:54

Are some preschoolers only there for the funded sessions? DS goes out when he goes to preschool. He is there from 9:15-11:45 or 12:30-3 and they can choose to go out for the whole time but they all go out for the last 45 mins as long as it's not raining.

His preschool doesn't have fans - they just have the windows open and the door to the garden.

However I would definitely be reporting the fact that there was no hot running water. How were they washing stuff up? Was there not even luke warm water to wash their hands etc?

Also you need to talk to the manager about DS' toilet routine. Insist that it is adhered to and this is very important to DS' well being.

DS' preschool told me their ratio was 1:8 children. However when I spent a morning there with DS there were 3 staff and 28 children. There was the manager and the deputy manager aswell but they kept disappearing into the office. This was one of the reasons I decided not to carry on sending DS in September.

nappyaddict · 16/07/2009 21:14

However you'd need to find out with Ofsted what their ratio is meant to be. Some places have 1:15 for preschoolers and if they have this then they wouldn't be breeching the rules.

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