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please someone go thru the schooling in order please as im confused again!

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Biglips · 10/01/2007 00:13

as people ask if i sorted nursery for my 2.3 yrs old yet which i said Yes but she is only there 1 morning a week as cannot afford it to stretch it more.

what next after that? pre-school? the primary, junior and high school?

is that correct?

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Biglips · 10/01/2007 10:14

thanks NP x

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julienetmum · 10/01/2007 10:15

Private Nursery (daycare) is from Birth to five and is mostly used by working parents

Pre-school is from 2.5 years to 5, is generally community based sessional care (generally children go for 2.5-3 hour sessions, run by a voluntary committee.

Nursery school is from aged 3 - almost 5, may be attached to a primary school and may provide either full time school hours or just morning/afternoons

All of the above usually accept the nursery education voucehers but you may have to pay top up fees at the first 2 (and the third if it is at a private school)

Some children will stay at a daycare nursery until they start school, some will go to pre-school then nursery school, others will stay at pre-schol, it is up to the parent and how things suit them.

Primary School - Generally starts the academic year in which a child turns 5 but you can defer going to school until the term after a child is 5 if you really want to (most don't)

Junior School - Some areas have separate junior schools from year 3 onwards (the year a child turns 8)

Secondary School - ages 11 - 16/18

FE/6th Form College - ages 16-19 and beyond

usandnosleep · 10/01/2007 10:15

should have read 'if your dd is 3 in Oct....'

BuffysMum · 10/01/2007 10:18

Ok "supporting early years" I would assume is following the curriculum as set out by the government. Many private nurseries are NOT "early years registered" as it is not workable for them from a financial point of view. The voucher is say for £7 for the 2.5 hours care they are not allowed to charge the parents for this session, so if they would normally charge £10 they are making a £3 loss each session. Nor are they allowed to charge diff rates for children who are claiming vouchers or not claiming vouchers. They may have pulled out of the scheme for all these issues. You will have to look for a pre-school that is early years registered so that you can claim the funding when she has turned 3. Why did they tell you she was no longer entitled to the free sessions that she had?

nailpolish · 10/01/2007 10:18

one blanket is 120 x 100

another is 170 x 120

i also have a pillow and pillowcase and some cotbed sheets if you would like them
LIZS · 10/01/2007 10:27

You would have to pay 100 % until next January - the term after she turns 3 -then the palce is siusidised or "free". Some playgroups and preschools charge less per session than a day nursery (which I'm assumign your current one is) as they are ogften community based , in a church hall rather than a permanent site and have volunteers partly to staff it. Have look at the link I posted it should cover everything. Remember names are interchangeable so nursery school/preschool/playgroup using the Early Year Curriculum could amount to pretty much the same thing.

Biglips · 10/01/2007 10:54

ivew jusr rang the school and they do have a nursery but from the age of 3....does that mean its a preschool?

ive gotta go and collect the application form now

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serenity · 10/01/2007 11:03

I'd ask them when you get there, but I'd imagine it's a Nursery Class, so as your DD isn't three until October, she won't be entitled to a place until September 2008. I've heard some places do January intakes though, so if that's the case she might be able to go from January 2008. I'm not too sure about that though as we only have the autumn intake here.

LIZS · 10/01/2007 11:05

Sounds likely they'd be one and the same as long as they follow the EY curriculum ! May not mean you'll like it enough to send your dd there though ! Would they take her as soon as she has turned 3 (so she'd do 5 terms there before Reception) or wait until the following September (when she'd do 3)?

Biglips · 10/01/2007 12:05

many thanks to everyone


DD's nursery doesnt do pre-sessions anymore cos the nursery is now getting really busy and they said that if i want to bring DD's for an hour ive got to pay a full morning from 8 - 1pm!.. the manageress said that she will reimbursed my deposit back to me by post (chq) and DD wont be able to start nursery till next year

i will ask round if any other nurseries will do pre-sessions as i love that nursery as only 5 mins walk and lovely people too plus DD loves it too

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LIZS · 10/01/2007 12:17

It is unusual for private daycare to do such short sessions. Can't you look at the playgroups in the area for the interim they tend to start at around your dd's age, should work out cheaper too.

Biglips · 10/01/2007 13:48

i dont mind taking DD to playgroups at all but i would like an hour or two to myself a week iykwim?

there is 2 other nurseries here but whether they do pre-sessions - no harm to find out isnt there?

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LIZS · 10/01/2007 13:50

But there are probably stand alone playgroups/preschools where you could leave her too, may even be linked to any mother and toddler ones you go to already . Have you looked at the link or perhaps ask others you meet at the groups you attend where their kids go ?

Biglips · 10/01/2007 13:51

yes i will do that...thanks Lizs and everyone else too x

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