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ZombieNightOwl · 05/11/2016 02:41

Wanted to say hello! Been reading threads for ages on Facebook but thought I'd finally join for real! I have 3 kids but every time I add them they're not saving Confused

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user1481489799 · 11/12/2016 21:04

Hi all Just joined up. I'm in my 11 week of pregnancy with twins. Our first kids. I'm an older mum lucky enough to conceive through IVF. At the moment I'm trying to cope with all day sickness while commuting into town and keeping my pregnancy secret at work. I won't lie it's harder than I imagined but I know we are very lucky.

LornaMumsnet · 11/12/2016 21:17

Hello, all!

A massive warm welcome Flowers

Please do take a look around the site. There's plenty of topics to discover and we're sure you'll enjoy having a mooch!

If you ever need anything, do give us a shout Grin

coolchan · 14/12/2016 07:15

Just a quick note to say Hi. Always see this site appear in my searches so thought I'd join. Early in my 2nd pregnancy 4-5. 1st one I miscarried earlier this year 5-6 weeks, so obviously very anxious at this moment. But hoping and praying as no one wants to be parents more right now than my husband and I.

Lostpangolin · 14/12/2016 08:30

Morning coolchan, welcome! I'll add my good wishes to your hopes. There's a lot of help and support on here. Some even from old blokes like me! Stay well, take it easy and keep us posted

Squeee · 14/12/2016 20:01

Hello just joined today.. children all in 20s x

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