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Do you have bad posture? Do you sit funny on chairs.

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ofwarren · 13/02/2022 09:59

I'm 42 and the years of slouching and sitting weirdly are really catching up with me.
When sitting on an armchair or sofa I lean to the left, I have my feet folded up the side and on the seat and I tuck my hands down hard so my fingers touch my wrist.
I can sit in this position for hours.
It's like the sitting version of the foetal position.

I suffer with neck pain, wrist pain and a bulging disc because of this, yet I cannot stop. I just can't get comfortable sat any other way. It feels wrong and 'cold' for some reason.

Anyone else?

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ofwarren · 13/02/2022 16:10

If EDS is a collagen issue, does supplementing with collagen help or does it not work like that?

OP posts:
RainbowZebraWarrior · 13/02/2022 16:26

I tried supplementing with collagen for a few months. Just in case it helped with my skin and nails (nails are paper thin) it didn't work, so I didn't perservere. I think if the collagen is actually faulty, then I'm not sure how anything would fix that. Might ask Rheumy for a medical explanation. It certainly never been mentioned on any of my EDS Support groups.

Justilou1 · 13/02/2022 20:41

Ingesting collagen is a waste of time and money for EDS. Your body processes collagen supplements as “protein” anyway. No supplement is going to fix your DNA. What helps is mitigating risk, gentle movement (yoga is considered to be a bit risky due to potential to over-stretch), splinting or resting affected areas, appropriate pain relief - pain killers, heat pads, ice, etc…

BlackeyedSusan · 14/02/2022 09:00

Hypermobility is on a scale. At the lower end you are mainly just a bit bendy. There is Hypermobility Syndrome Disorder and Hypermobile EDS which some academics think are the same thing, slightly different intensity.

There are other types of EDS which are rarer than the hypermobile type and can be more dangerous.

I didn't know I was bendy as to me my body was normal. And it stiffens with age.

Nortd · 14/02/2022 13:45

I'm hypermobile as well, bendy, clicky and just a bit broken, terrible posture. My neck and back always hurts and my shoulders are so curved in.
I sit with my legs folded up on either side of my bum beside it not underneath, having them dangle off a chair makes me feel a bit ill, I think it's a sensory thing, as it's always been that way, I'd get told off at school and made to sit right.

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