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ok we've had the best -now the worst cover versions EVER!!

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upahill · 13/05/2011 23:37

It pains me to put forward one of my favourite bands for the title of Worst Cover version but I have to say Janes Addiction did a truly bad cover of 'sympathy for the devil.'

Who else has done a hatchet job on a perfectly good song?

OP posts:
Hippee · 17/05/2011 14:35

natto - we are living parallel lives - I have two boys the same age as yours - next time I'm listening to Bongo Bong I'll think of your two bopping around to it too.

upahill - was going to mention that too, but didn't want to seem like I was having a go at EC - she had a nice voice, just hate the arrangements.

Inertia · 17/05/2011 18:21

It would be overly harsh to call them the worst cover versions, but I'm not keen on the Birdy version of Skinny Love or the Annie Lennox version of No More I Love Yous- much prefer the original in each case.

Agree with iridium about that cover of There She Goes too.

Inertia · 17/05/2011 18:32

Florence and the machine- You got the love.

The most accurate description I've read of her singing is that it's like a sack of mangy cats being thrown into a ravine.

Joolsy · 27/05/2011 12:06

Billie Piper - Last Christmas (I kid you not, it does exist!)

BulletWithAName · 27/05/2011 12:07

Leona Lewis- Stop Crying Your Heart Out. I fucking hate her.

IntergalacticHussy · 18/07/2011 11:24

ruining my favourite song

Raahh · 22/07/2011 09:58

Tin Tin Out are responsible for ruining not just one, but 2 of my favourite songs-

'What I am' (by Edie Brickell- hideously sung on the cover by Emma Bunton)
'Here's where the story ends' (The Sundays- as shrieked by some one called Shelly Nelson).
Tin Tin Out are EVIL.

My other hated cover, though it isn't a bad one as such, is Robbie williams singing 'She's the One'. Because- It is NOT HIS SONG, it is World Party, yet no one ever mentions them. [grin

HoneyPablo · 24/07/2011 07:51

I just found this on youtube I was looking for the Amy Winehouse version of Monkey Man and I found this My ears!

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 24/07/2011 07:53

Harlem Shuffle by the Stones

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 24/07/2011 07:54

a great band, but not in thus instance

fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 24/07/2011 07:54


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