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Late Miscarriage- trying to understand

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Hope4Future · 30/07/2008 19:12

Hi, just like everyone in this situation I am trying to understand why I have had a late miscarriage (at 16 weeks).

I had no pregnancy symptoms until 15 weeks when I started to have cramps and then a small amount of bleeding Sun night. The bleeding stopped quickly, but the cramps continued for a week. I also had yellow-brown discharge during this time. The cramps gradually got better and Sat all was back to normal.

3am Sunday morning passed 2 big clots then started bleeding. Went to hospital, scan on Monday showed baby was fine, discharged on Tuesday. Still mild bleeding and contractions.

Tuesday evening at home felt waters break, back into hospital with heavy bleeding and strong contractions. Contractions stopped by midnight.

Wednesday morning scan showed baby alive but no fluid. Blood test showed infection so baby was induced.

I dont understand what happened, has anyone had a similar experience and knows what the cause was? Normally it seems the baby dies which starts the contractions, but my baby was hanging in there, it just seems my body was trying to get rid of him.

OP posts:
sadminster · 09/08/2008 13:51

snowwombat & pwcbird ... I am so sorry to see you here too The Decemeber thread really has had absolutely shit luck ... there are lots of us around over here.

I had a really terrible week last week - I should have been 20 weeks, the sad/numb gave way to really fucking furious/despair & we had a baby born in the family & nobody bothered to tell me (still haven't officially) until a week later ... can't have sadminster & her dead baby upsetting anyone can we . My 7yo dd is finding it hard - she made a coffin for her baby doll on Thursday night I'm dreading Christmas.

On the plus side (hahaha) the Silvr Star unit in oxford have agreed to take me (if I get pg again).

mum2jai · 09/08/2008 15:17

Sadminster - I can't believe how insensitive your family have been. So sorry you are having such a tough time. I sympathise with how awful you must feel about your daughter's sadness. Hard to deal with isn't it? My eldest two at 4 and 5 have taken our loss very badly (my boss - not the most sensitive person - questioned whether they were really experiencing proper feelings of bereavement or were merely responding to my reaction - as if that mattered!!).

I hope you get good things from the Silver Star Unit.

sadminster · 09/08/2008 16:12

mum2jai there's a book thought we got for my dd called 'We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead'. Amazon have it, it is excellent, very simple, very straight forward - my dd has found it really useful. It has notes in the back about how children grieve, I'd recommend it.

snowwombat · 10/08/2008 11:47

Thank you so much for the replies to my post, the support is great to have.

sadminster am so sorry you are having such a crap week. People do the most incredibly insensitive things don't they, sorry your family are adding to the stress and sadness.
My god daughters are 5 1/2 and they are asking lots of questions. We just answer them as they come and doing lots of drawing etc to help them through this. They show such care 'you feel better after we give you a hug' and 'you will always have Oliver in your heart' .Their dog died this weekend so they hope Oliver and ben the dog are playing together.

Re silver star/JR -we saw dr laurence impey -foetal medicine who also works in silver star and he was lovely- informative, great manner. Every hope you will get there. xxx

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