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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

How do you cope with missed miscarriage ??

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sophiapen · 29/04/2022 14:31

Hi everyone! I feel very sad after going through a missed miscarriage. I read about it many times but after early scan at 6 weeks and seeing the embryo with the sac and the heartbeat, I was pretty confident I should be okay, although I still had some worries on the back of my head that nothing is certain until baby is born. It was such a heartbreaking moment at my 10 week scan to see something that has actually shrunk in size, I just couldn't believe it. I was finally ready for my first child after putting things on hold during Covid but I'm so scared now. I know most people announce pregnancies after 12 weeks so I only told my parents and now I just don't know who to talk to, where to find support and strength to go through another pregnancy. I will be 31 next month and I am starting to blame my age for it, I know it's silly but I can't help not to.

For anyone that had a miscarriage, how did you cope with it? Did you end up conceiving again and having a healthy pregnancy?

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sophiapen · 26/09/2023 09:20

Ah I see, well if that is the case, you will have to go to the hospital if still showing positive in a couple of days. They should check you to make sure all okay. Sorry I didn't realise you might potentially need d&c. Just don't stress yourself

OP posts:
Claudiasaz · 15/10/2023 08:47

Hi @sophiapen just wanted to pop on and say thanks for your replies during this!

I did have to go back to be scanned but scan was clear and my period has returned two weeks later. Feel like I can now focus on putting little one to rest and look to the future. So thanks for helping me get through with your advice. Appreciate it.

Anyway if anyone should search this when going through it would like to leave some points as I know I was googling like crazy.

I went for medical management and was 11 weeks along. Had one vaginal pessary. Had passed everything by the week after. Still showed positive on a test 3 weeks later but went for an internal scan and scan was clear. I ovulated early last week (only know this as wanted to avoid pregnancy so soon after miscarriage). Period has returned this weekend, so just under 6 weeks after initial scan of being told no heartbeat.

It was a tough experience emotionally and physically but medical management gets such a bad reputation I had to comment incase anyone searches it.

sophiapen · 18/10/2023 20:26

@Claudiasaz it must be a big relief that everything has cleared and your period has returned! I remember my first period came about 7 weeks after the miscarriage.
Hope you are starting to feel a bit more like yourself but don't worry if not, I still keep asking myself WHY ME and why others seem to have it so easy. I know everyone experiences loss at some point in their life but not everyone goes through a miscarriage so deep down I feel like it's very unfair on us :(
I'm glad my comments helped and please message how you are doing. Are you going to try again soon or you'd rather have a longer break?

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Flittingaboutagain · 18/10/2023 20:37

Lovely to read your update and congratulations on your baby OP. I had a second trimester missed miscarriage and it meant the subsequent pregnancy I was fortunate to have was fraught with anxiety, but I got there too. For the newer poster, sorry you're going through this now. Sending strength at this awful time.

Claudiasaz · 18/10/2023 21:37

@sophiapen @Flittingaboutagain I am feeling much better thanks both for your comments. I do feel sad about it still but I have two healthy children so have to remember I am lucky to have them and they keep me going every day.

I would like to try again but definitely worried about a future pregnancy. Good to hear you have both got through to the other side and managed to have your babies after experiencing that horrible loss ☺️

SLJ92x · 10/12/2023 20:13

@Claudiasaz I felt the exact same as you, I was continuously doing pregnancy tests just wanting them to be negative and it all over. I got mine after about 2 weeks but still waiting on my first period to come. Just want to get it so I know where I stand and can start trying again x

sophiapen · 22/12/2023 19:29

@Claudiasaz how are you getting on? Just thought I'd check on you :)

OP posts:
Claudiasaz · 04/01/2024 20:10

Hi @sophiapen aw thank you! Much better than I was on this thread 😂 Although my cycles are all over the place unfortunately. And started trying and can't get pregnant now, when I've fallen really easily with my two children and the missed MC was a surprise. So sadly it seems to have had a big effect on my body.

how are you? X

Claudiasaz · 04/01/2024 20:11

@SLJ92x Hey. Sorry to hear that but hoping you have had it now?

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