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Low-carb diets

Need a little help finding out about Paleo please.

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AdoraBell · 01/11/2013 00:35

I'm thinking of trying the Paleo way of eating. This is from a Health point of view. Some changes have already been made Due To DH realising that he is gluten intolerante. I gave up milk years ago because it made no sense To me To consume something designed for another specie's babies. I tend not To tell people that because the múltiple billón pound industria has done a good Job of convincing people that it's good for us.

I can't Get many books in English where I am so am limited To the internet.

Can Anyone suggest good web sites, or offer any other advice To a complete newbie please?


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AdoraBell · 01/11/2013 00:36

Sorry for random capitals and Spainsh Blush

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Ruprekt · 01/11/2013 00:40

Go to Facebook and check out Paleo and Ditch the wheat....

AdoraBell · 01/11/2013 01:26

Thanks for that.

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BerylsDailyKumquat · 01/11/2013 15:35

Try mark's daily apple website, tons of stuff on there.

AdoraBell · 01/11/2013 15:51

Thanks again, will look up mark's daily Apple. I'm also trying To work How much moré expensive it will be, I'll probably be able do that from the web sites.

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AdoraBell · 01/11/2013 20:33

Another Q, if it's okay.

What is the average cost of eating Paleo in your experience, please?

I haven't found anything that says more than "more expensive" and I really need to get as clear an idea as possible so that I can plan and budget.


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SpangleMaker · 02/11/2013 13:57

Hello Adora. I remember you from the scrimping threads Smile

Probably the best thing to do is work out a meal plan and price it up. There is a lot of meat and veg on this woe so you might be able to even out the extra spend on meat with extra veg based meals. Soup with in season veg would be a super cheap meal.

If you follow all the advice it involves eating organic/free range etc but I regard that as a nice to have and buy that way as much as I can afford. (I'm doing Harcombe rather than paleo but trying to follow the principles most of the time).

RawCoconutMacaroon · 02/11/2013 14:14

Marks daily apple,, (Swedish lchf) are all good resources and well worth googling.

As you mentioned your DH possibly being wheat intolerant I suggest you look at "wheat belly" blog also- for even more anti-grain consumption info (health wise this way of eating has had a massive effect on me, weight wise too, although the health benefits are of course more important).

All these blogs are free (there are books too buy too), and there are loads of recipes, links to health information, success stories etc.

Our entire family now eats this way (paleo/primal) for the majority of the time and I never ever eat anything with gluten/wheat, it's just not worth it in terms of how ill I feel for days afterwards.

It is an "expensive" diet. Good quality protein is not cheap. However, it's not quite as expensive as some people might assume as everything should be cooked from scratch - pre made food is expensive too!

Slow cookers can make the best of cheaper cuts of meat, bulk buying if you have a freezer helps too.

giraffeseatpineapples · 02/11/2013 14:31

It depend really, if you are already eating meat and drop the baked goods and sweets without replacing them with paleo friendly flours it wouldn't be much more.

Expense will go up if you rely on legumes for protein or if you switch to grass fed meat and or organic produce. The two long paleo threads will be worth looking through here's the first

Check out the current thread too but there is also lots of useful stuff on the first one.

Sleepwhenidie · 02/11/2013 14:35

this is a good website too OP.

RawCoconutMacaroon · 02/11/2013 16:25

Sleepwhenidie, thanks for that link, not come across that site before, it's well written and an enjoyable read too (not to mention the fit blokes in the "after" shots Wink).

AdoraBell · 02/11/2013 20:23

Hi Spangle Smile

Thanks again for all your help. Orgánica isn't easy To find here, never found orgánica meat or fish, so on that front it shouldn't make a lot of difference. DH's changes have already added about £20 Per. Week simply because he has swapped toast each morning for what I call real food.

Right I'm off To check out the fit blokes link from Sleepwhenidie

OP posts:
AdoraBell · 02/11/2013 20:26

And the suggested use of Maple syrup on the web sites is just missing with my head. I love the stuff but it's £20 for 375ml hereAngry

OP posts:
RawCoconutMacaroon · 02/11/2013 21:49

Sugar - what little I use tends to be raw honey (I also use some maple syrup, and some raw cane sugar). I Don't see a problem with it provide it's not an everyday thing (sugar is a natural part of the diet, I think humans have been eating it for a long long time!). Keeping the overall carb consumption low (by modern standards) is more important IMHO. It's a treat food tho, not every day.
I guess honey would be the cheaper option where you are ? Raw is best but not always available. Darker is also better (if its pure honey with nothing added, the darker stuff tends to be the most natural, the first extraction from the honeycomb).

RawCoconutMacaroon · 02/11/2013 21:53

I know organic or grass fed is often expensive but both mark "daily apple" Sissons and Robb "the paleo solution" wolf say the same about this. DON'T LET THE PERFECT BE THE ENEMY OF YHE GOOD.

Even factory farmed meat/chicken that you buy and cook yourself from scratch is better than factory food full of additives!

AdoraBell · 03/11/2013 00:28

I've never been one for ready meals so the prep side of it shouldn't be a problem, even though it'll still be standard meat/poultry. I might be able To Get raw sugar in the Health food store, will look next week, haven't seen any honey in there though. And I'm sure I'll laughed out of any regular store if I ask for raw honey.

OP posts:
RawCoconutMacaroon · 03/11/2013 09:03

Do you have good postal delivery service where you are? I'm in rural Scotland and many of the things I want to buy (nut flours, raw nut butter etc) are not in any local shops, so I buy them from online stores... It's usually cheaper than buying from the big shops in the city, and easier than driving there!

AdoraBell · 04/11/2013 00:35

It's atrocious Macaroon, and food items ordered from abroad would be confiscated. It's so bad that rellies have given up sending gifts or even cards for DDs as they just don't arrive. Local businesses only deliver the same old same old standard sugar and chemical combo that I'm trying to avoid.

I have looked in to other flours because of DH's wheat problem and the new range of oat flour contains wheat, as do the oat cereals etc. other than actual porridge oats it all has wheat. Haven't seen any nut flours or butters, apart from Planter's peanut butter. The one thing I can get is corn in flour form.

There is one supermarket that does grass fed chicken but the turn over is so slow because of the price that once it's 15 day store shelf life is up they relabel it and it's magically fresh again. I understand the organic meet gets exported to the UK, among other places.

OP posts:
giraffeseatpineapples · 04/11/2013 13:17

home made almond milk and flour I still haven't made this even though I bought nut bags (nut bags snort Grin ) but it might be an option for you. I think coconut milk and possibly flour can be made in a similar way coconut milk

RawCoconutMacaroon · 04/11/2013 13:59

Adorabell Sad, I thought Scotland was bad! Poor you that's not making it easy.

giraffeseatpineapples · 04/11/2013 17:45

It does make me feel pathetic for finding it tough in london!

How cool is this regrow pak choy , was just googling recipes for pak choy so might try it on our pak choy stumps!

AdoraBell · 05/11/2013 01:13

Pah! - tough in London, you don't know you're bornWink

I grew up in London, it's soooooooo much moré advanced than my current home. Will take a look at that link, Thank you. Today I noticed the greengrocer's I buy my nuts from looks closed. Hope he hasn't closed down. There's a swanky new development being built and his little chip board shack has already been moved To make way for the water tower.

OP posts:
giraffeseatpineapples · 10/11/2013 15:54

How's it been this week adora?

I have given the pak choy thing a try I linked too, one has sprouted (the smaller one which was slightly immersed) one nada. Fingers crossed for free pak choy Grin

AdoraBell · 10/11/2013 18:58

It's been okay, Thanks. I'm finding I don't feel the need for carbs nearly as much as I thought I would. Having been raísed with the idea that I need a plate of carb with a tiny amount of meat I really did expect To struggle.

I'm finding I only really need To eat twice a day, like Today we got up late and didn't eat úntil around 11.30. I had 2 eggs and three small sausages, half way between a chipolata and a sausage, and now, nearly 4pm I'm still not hungry. Mr Feed Me Carbs is of course starving and complaining about food not being instantes ready.

Had business dinner Friday and I had steak with a salad, indulged with a tart tatin afterwards but could easily have skipped desért. But it was a French restaraunt so I threw caución and principles To the wind

I think I'll try the Pak choi as it's really expensive here, so if I can grow it that will be a real bonus.

OP posts:
TravelinColour · 10/11/2013 19:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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