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Sent two texts...

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fairyfly · 04/03/2005 22:00

one to daddy, one to lover, not that i play games i have you know but.........i have decided, as i do this kind of shit, i will give it all to the reply i get. Decision made.

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 00:01

Sleep well.

lou33 · 05/03/2005 00:02

come and have cybersex with me and bh , ff

Blossomhill · 05/03/2005 00:02

Sorry lou I am a but pissed and mucking about. Us sn mum met in a chat room at 8 and had a great night. Where was you???

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 00:02

night lmb and thanks, sleep well

OP posts:
lou33 · 05/03/2005 00:03

didnt get an invite afaik , sniff....

Blossomhill · 05/03/2005 00:05

All of the sn mums got an invite. maybe next time. there was a lot of talk about rabbits lol

littlemissbossy · 05/03/2005 00:07

has he/she gone yet?

lou33 · 05/03/2005 00:10

didnt see it

ooh talking of which i had one of those arrive in the post today and havent looked at it yet.


LGJ · 05/03/2005 00:10


if you meant is LGJ still here, then yes I am

blame DS. he slept this morning until 8.15am most unheard of, have loads of lurking energy.

sykes · 05/03/2005 00:12

We can dream.

LGJ · 05/03/2005 00:17

Well thanks Sykes, and LMB,....I normally take the middle ground on most threads around here,and just because for once I am not putting my hands out in front of FF feet and and assisting her every step, I am deemed surplus.

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:22

and prey why aren't your hands at my feet, are you ill

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:24

I'm kising your fet now.

sykes · 05/03/2005 01:24


fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:25

kiss my fet if you want

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:26

You are so vulgar, and so many men.

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:28

well appparently if you shag a lot of men one of them will stay around and bring up your kids, it's all about ratio. You would think after 36 though one would have connected with my babies. Bastards.

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:30

44 -my lucky number.

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:32

well ill probably shag 8 men tomorrow night, i have a babysitter, so fingers crossed

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:33

Tip top.

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:40

we live in hope

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:42

The race is on. Shall we start a new thread? How many men can you shag before 8:30?

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:42

well i will have to go back round the circuit, is it ok if ive shagged them before?

OP posts:
sykes · 05/03/2005 01:44

No, no, no, new things. FGS, get a grip.

fairyfly · 05/03/2005 01:46

shit, well i'll definetly have to get a taxi out of the area

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