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Father has new girlfriend and I am low

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TiredBunny · 26/02/2005 10:45

Dont know why.... I have no feelings for my ex and he was a S**T in the true sense of the word... the usual.... abusive, lazy, no support, stole my money, messed about with other women. We split up 2 years ago but he hasnt really seen anyone. Now he has and I am annoyed - sounds petty but I wanted him to be lonely and unhappy forever!! Also I have realised that I am the only person my dd can rely on... he neglected her on her birthday last week and switched his phone off when she was ill so I couldnt contact him. His new woman sounds lovely - tall, slim, long hair and worst of all I am told she is a NICE person.

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fairyfly · 01/03/2005 10:46

oooh thankyou anorak and lgj, means a lot

how are you feeling tiredbunny hope he is now totally out of your thoughts

LouBeeLou · 01/03/2005 13:08


Ex-p will never be truly happy, he is an emotionally and socially retarded idiot. Take comfort in the fact that he will always be alone, even if he is in a relationship. He does not have the ability to interact emotionally with other normal human beings.

Your DD is gorgeous and bright, cheeky and loving, she is wonderful and that is all down to you, NOT him. You are doing a fantastic job and your DD is a credit to you.

You may do all the hard work while he sits on his fat arse, but you will get all the rewards. YOU are her Mummy, YOU have created and nurtured and loved that little girl, and it is YOU that she will love and respect more every day as she grows up.

NOT him.


TiredBunny · 01/03/2005 22:46

Yeh..... am feeling a bit better thanks. Have told him he needs to think about what sort of father he wants to be and tell me.... he hasnt got back to me so I think that says it all. LBL thanks for saying that.... your support means more than I can say. My DD is only interestd in seeing her fat ugly father because he feeds her McDs and chocolate and she sees her sister there. Have paid for my little trip away with dd (3 night in sunny Blackpool) I am sooooo excited! SHaring a twin room, havin a nice bottle of wine ready for when she is asleep and watching tele... bliss! Thanks for everyones lovely words !!

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nightowl · 02/03/2005 03:18

my ex got married last year and i must admit to feeling a pang of something i could only put doen to jealousy...ridiculous really as the thought of doing anything with him makes me heave..and hes ds's dad!

TiredBunny · 03/03/2005 12:05

Perish the thought of ever having my xp near me again..... horrid horrid thought!!!

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DillyDally · 03/03/2005 12:28

I hope and pray my ex will get a girlfriend so he can move on with his life
If any ladies are interested?......

chipmonkey · 03/03/2005 13:14

TiredBunny, his new woman must be a poor girl who probably keeps falling for bds! Just feel sorry for her, you're well out of it!

TiredBunny · 03/03/2005 22:26

I am... just keep amusing myself with thoughts of stirring up trouble for him.... not that I would but the thought of dropping his debt letters off when she is there make me smile!!!! I had to ask him for my maintenance money today which annoys me because i then feel like I should be grateful for the pittance he gives me.

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prettyfly1 · 05/03/2005 17:40

I jsut spoke to my best friend (who is a model and a single mum!!!!!!!!!) her ex sounds remarkably similiar to yours and she said exactly the same thing, this girl is stunning and even she feels like a bag lady (a lot of which is cause of the battering he confidence and self esteem took thanks to her charming ex) and yet she works, holds her house down and is fabulous. So the house isnt always like a good homes centrefold and sometimes (horror) she needs to take a weed whacker to her pins but she is doing a great job and so from the sounds of it are you guys. We are mums, we make the world go round and spend our time doing the most important job anyone can do, and we do it alone - no house or poncy job can beat that and you should be so proud of yourself - bollocks to new girlfriends. She will see through him eventually. In the meantime you just keep doing your thing and loving your kids and hold your head up secure in the knowledge that chipped polish doesnt mean crap when your little one gives you a great big sloppy kiss and handmade card with all the love in their little hearts. They really couldnt care less about your roots and neither will a decent bloke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TiredBunny · 05/03/2005 23:37

Thanks for that..... I am really proud of myself and my dd is ACE. Went for a MOthers Day meal on our own today and it was lovely.... better than any romantic meal (of all there were about 2) with her father. Went round the shops with her and she just makes me smile so much. Sorry for sounding soppy - 3 glasses of wine and I talk rubbish. Going out for a picnic tom... flask of tomato soup and some bread rolls packed so i dont have to face all the happy families that will be eating out. thought we would go somewhere scenic and eat in the car! He rang me in middle of night last night acting like a nonce... asking me how i felt about him and if i fancied him so i told he about the prospective partner.... he was rather jealous which made me laugh. Prospective p sent me flowers to my work for mothers day from dd which was sooooo sweet... he isnt one for romantic gestures so it was doubly nice. Anyway i am waffling now.LOL

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TiredBunny · 07/03/2005 00:07

Its official he is an arse... rang me at 1.45am on saturday morning / Friday night. Had tried my mobilen and then resorted to house phone... obviously forgot our dd was living here. told me he still fancied me and could he come round and did I fancy him etc etc We were supposed to meet this weekend to get things sorted but he has had his mobile turned off and if i ring his house the housemates will just lie and say he is out. Feeling really low actually because i didnt just slam the phone down on him ... i actually spoke to him though i think i fell asleep a few times. think he is sulking because i told him about prospective p. not sure where that is heading to be honest... its not really the relationship i want but it is there and it means i am not on my own. oh pants i really dont like men!!!!! I just want him to be a dad to our dd but actually maybe i just see him as a free babysitter. he certainly is not a good role model for her and she NEVER asks for him. oh well i suppose i should try sleep.

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