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Which of these areas?

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SpaceHair · 05/09/2018 14:27

Looking at houses in these areas but know nothing about London so some pros and cons about each area would be super helpful.

  • Ealing
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Battersea
OP posts:
Xiaoxiong · 06/09/2018 11:06

For working in Southwark I'd go for Battersea and cycle. I used to live in Nine Elms and cycled to the City every day - it's generally a very nice cycle ride along the river, you keep fit, save money and and your commute isn't at the mercy of signal failures and RMT strikes. That area is nicer to live in than to visit, the park is lovely and the new restaurants and shops around Battersea Power Station are fab. You're a 10 min cycle from Chelsea as well - psychologically you're far away, but practically you're very close!!

In London your commute governs so much about your quality of life that I would definitely choose a worse house for a better commute. Oh and unless you have a dedicated parking space, sell at least one of your cars, probably both, and join a car club if you need to or rent one on weekends.

Davros · 06/09/2018 12:51

Although I live in NW London and know it's easy to get to Southwark, I think I'd definitely go for Battersea from your options and based on what the last poster said. I know Ealing well as I went to school there and it's a nice suburb. I also know Kingston as my DSis lives in that area but it's a long way out. Battersea gets my vote!

KnotsInMay · 16/09/2018 20:53

Is there a reason you are looking in those specific areas?

Where in Southwark will your DH be working?

There are lots and lots of lovely areas of London with fast and easy travel to different areas of Southwark.

I echo everyone else: no one drives to work in central London unless they are the CEO of the hugest of companies with a personal parking space provided and can afford the Congestion Charge. There is no parking in London on a weekday unless it is astronomically expensive.

Lots of Londoners don’t bother with a car, or use it locally on the outskirts, at weekends, and for driving out of London.

Tell us your housing needs, area of Southwark, and budget: MN are expert House advisers Smile

KnotsInMay · 16/09/2018 20:54

When I say ‘where in Southwark’ I mean area, not name of company. London Bridge? Bankside? Etc.

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