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Low sperm count and too young for IVF, what are our options?

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AndInShortIWasAfraid · 06/07/2016 12:36

Apologies, I’m sure this has been asked before but my GP is not very helpful and the practice is so busy it takes six weeks before I can get another appointment. And I have no friends!

I’m 24 and the local primary care trust will only provide IVF treatment to women over 30. DH has a low sperm count (8 million) and 0% morphology, 30% motility. I’ve had a transvaginal scan and all looked OK. Sadly, we can’t afford the £5000 for IVF privately. Do we have any other options?

OP posts:

Itsme247 · 12/07/2016 08:34

I was 25 when I first went to the doctor to talk about trying for a baby (I've got spina bifida and wanted to know what I can do to prevent it carrying forward) and I swear the only reason they took me seriously for fertility was because I was married and bought my husband with me.

Snooty doctors are the worst. Go see someone else if you have to!


Itsme247 · 12/07/2016 08:36

And yes, time is on your side, but time better spent trying for your second or third babies if you want the option to have more than one. If you are ready for a family now you bloody well should have the same chance as someone who is socially 'the right age'.


Nan0second · 12/07/2016 08:43

Please don't waste money on iui when you have a sperm issue. It won't work and you'll have wasted the money that you need to save up for ICSI. I wouldn't go to a clinic that let you have IUI as they clearly have no ethics. Look at egg sharing as a way of getting cheaper treatment in the UK or go to a reputable overseas centre as listed above.
There is some evidence for high dose male vitamins in improving IVF outcomes but not for improving natural conceptions. Your chance of a natural conception is not zero though :)


Blueroses99 · 12/07/2016 09:06

Itsme good point. Might be worth OP arguing her case (although I would say this should also be done in writing) with reference to the fact that NICE guidelines don't have a minimum age.


Itsme247 · 12/07/2016 09:09

Haha you can tell it hit a nerve with me ;)


bananafish81 · 12/07/2016 09:47

Yes echoing the IUI

My Dr said IUI is a waste of money unless you are using frozen or donor sperm or have very mild male factor

If you have no male factor then there's no benefit to stimulated IUI vs stimulated ovulation induction with timed intercourse

If you have anything more than mild male factor then IUI is a waste of money as you need IVF with ICSI


sunshineonarainyday1 · 12/07/2016 20:54

I agree with need IVF and they should be getting you in asap to start treatment. You have a diagnosis as to why after nearly 2 years you aren't getting pregnant. Go back and challenge them! And if that doesn't work find your local MPs Twitter account and put a message on there.... I guarantee that will have an effect!

If my NHS IVF provider is anything to go by if you make a fuss enough you'll get what you need!

Good luck!


sunshineonarainyday1 · 12/07/2016 20:59

Ps have you been referred to your NHS IVF clinic or is it the GP that's told you you arent eligible?


sunshineonarainyday1 · 12/07/2016 21:04

PPS what CCG are you in?


MrsDarcy4092 · 15/07/2016 07:05

Ask your gp to refer your partner to a urologist. That's what they should do. It's not fertility treatment so there's no reason for them not to. They can then investigate and treat any problem which is causing the low count ie hormone issue or partial blockage. My DH was referred to dr Ramsay who has been fantastic and we're currently trying tamoxifen to increase count and motility.


Jarvis11 · 12/12/2016 20:57

I know exactly how you're feeling just found out my oh has a low sperm count of just 1 million I'm also 24 and have no problems we can't afford ivf just seems like we're at a dead end


EarlGreyT · 12/12/2016 23:04

Nan0second and banana. Thank you for saying this first. I was also going to say IUI is unlikely to be effective given that you have an issue with male factor infertility. It's a waste of your money which would be better spent towards IVF with ICSI.

I totally agree with Nan0second, I wouldn't recommend you go to a clinic which allows you to have IUI in your particular circumstances as they're unethical by basically taking your money for a treatment which they know is not the appropriate treatment for you and is unlikely to work.


Blondeshavemorefun · 13/12/2016 08:52

I agree with others you are young so have time but obv hard when ttc and. It happening

Yes private ivf is costly - abroad is cheaper

If this is your dream you will find the money for least one cycle - whether working overtime - Saving/cutting done on monthly bills , loans and credit cards

Yes getting into debt isn't great for something you may not ever get (not like anloan for a car /kitchen etc)

But if you and dh want children you will find a way even if takes you a few years to save /beg/borrow etc

Agree get any tests you can on NHS tho again as young tho doctors may say go away for another 12/18mths. They did to me and I was 33!!

I wouldn't bother having iui and would save for icsi

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