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New and starting IVF soon

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mmegateaux · 31/03/2014 20:57

Hello, I've just joined mumsnet (though I've lurked around here and there!). I'm hoping to start ICSI IVF in about a month's time and I thought it would be really nice to chat to people on here and share stories and support.

I'm quite (very) nervous about IVF because I recently had a bad chronic fatigue relapse which I'm thankfully coming out of now, but I'm a bit scared about the physical impact of the process.

And the emotional one!

I'm about to turn 37 and we've been trying for about 3 years, no issues found other than that OH had a low number of normal-shaped sperm when last tested (still not really sure what that means, but anyway...)

So, um, hello!

OP posts:

Liquoriceallsort · 09/05/2014 11:27

Thanks! Just got home, 13 collected of which 12 were mature. Fingers crossed. The weird thing is the reason we are having IVF is male factor ( low sperm count) - the first test last year showed zero sperm and the second just a few. The sample today was 'normal' how bizarre!


Happilymarried155 · 09/05/2014 12:58

That's great!!!! Keep us posted! How are you feeling? X


Liquoriceallsort · 09/05/2014 13:23

Will do, thanks happily! I felt awful after but pretty much back to normal now, just a bit sore. Good luck to you too, not long to go now! Is it iui you had before?


Happilymarried155 · 09/05/2014 13:35

No about two weeks I think. Egg collection is the only thing I'm scared about!! Yep had three attempts, one successful but didn't end happily. Im trying to be positive.

Great number of eggs for you though, hopefully you will get some frozen ones too! X


Liquoriceallsort · 09/05/2014 13:58

Don't be scared, it isn't as bad as it sounds. The more you have the more painful it is and I didn't find it too bad and I have forgotten about it now as at the time I was pretty drugged up. Think positive! x


St4rfish · 09/05/2014 18:43

Thanks for replies Happily and Liquorice and for allowing me to gatecrash with a question!
I figured it would be minimum of 4-5 months...We have only had blood tests and sperm analysis so far (nothing found yet) so presuming asking for checks for tube blockages etc is next step.
Good luck with your cycles.


Tryingandimpatient · 27/07/2014 09:48

Hi girls,

How are you all getting on now?? Any BFP's to report??

Am 4 days post EC with only 3 embies growing in their little dish (??) .... The embryologist called this morn and said all 3 still growing well so we are aiming for a 5 day transfer tomorrow (hopefully blastocyst)!

How did people get through the 2ww and stay sane??? Any tips??

How soon did people start testing with home tests??

Any tips for success??



Freedom40 · 18/10/2014 19:52

hello everyone been ttc #1 since June and recently got Sperm analysis done and were told not impossible but very difficult also age is not in our favour as DH 46 and I'm 40. I also had no AF since coming off BC in May. just got AF today after taking Northine ( i know I spelled that wrong) and started Clomid today.
Got results of amh today and they were low. so looks like I will need to book a scan in a week and then given the tone of the consultants letter will be going down the IVF route ASAP given running out of time because of age. Neither of us have any children and we both found each other late so it makes this all the more difficult to accept.

I'm in a bit of shock over the whole thing as one minute it was just DH that had the issue which was manageable as it was an easy fix of getting the few swimmers he had in the right place at the right time but when it's you it's not so straightforward or fixable.

I'm a bit annoyed with HD as he still does not get (or at least is not showing it) that we can go through everything to the letter and still there is no guarantee of a DD or DS. Oh I could just scream!!!!

trying to stay positive but cannot help but think about the look on his parents face if we never have a DS or DD. think they will be more disappointed than me.

off to drown sorrows in a glass of vino.

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