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more of those photos - the real ones not the *fakes*

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katierocket · 06/05/2004 06:35

washington post has found more of those photos (not the suspect Mirror ones but the American ones)
I am gobsmacked at this


OP posts:
MeanBean · 06/05/2004 22:33

Have to say, they're horrifying but not surprising. The USA has a long track record of supporting the most horrible dictators, it invaded Iraq without a mandate from the UN and if Camp Delta wasn't a big clue that they've torn up the Geneva Convention, then I don't know what is. Without the existence of an alternative superpower, the Western powers simply don't need to pretend to believe in human rights anymore - in respectable publications like Newsweek, of all things, articles have appeared in the last couple of years asking when and whether torture can ever be justified. Twenty years ago, that question would never have been asked, but now respectable journals are actually running articles on it. It's just horrifying.

bacardiandcoke · 08/05/2004 08:49

i have to say the war had my full backing from the start... but no i see the photo's that are coming out, i feel sick to my stomache that anyone living in a democratic civilisation can do this! its disgusting and unforgivable those poor iraq's don't know whether they are coming or going.

however i do still believe that the war was essential for the people of iraq, but this just darkens the name of all those soldiers that have lost their lives in vain...its sick!!!!

as some of you know i live in a arab state in the u.a.e and all i see daily now in the papers are these horrific pictures and whilst many know its not the british (thank god) you can see we have been tarred with the same brush! the sooner we get rid of blair the better imho!!

the americans had only just started coming back here they are now leaving again because of this!

have gone right off america at the moment.....

bacardiandcoke · 08/05/2004 08:52

here is the link to one our papers...

hope this link works i am not very good at this yet!

eddm · 08/05/2004 09:32

I can't believe the soldiers are trying to defend themselves by saying they weren't properly trained. Any decent human being knows what they were doing was wrong. And they clearly weren't 'trying to break the suspects down for interrogation' they were enjoying themselves as the pix make clear. Bastards. There may be a case for proper training in the Geneva Convention and handling PoWs but wasn't it the US that claimed people captured in the so-called war on terror weren't legitimate PoWs so weren't covered by the Geneva Convention? So the guys who issue the orders, right up to the politicians, are just as culpable. They shouldn't get away with just blaming individual servicemen/women, however appalling their behaviour was.
And after all the outrage about the regimes they attacked showing pix of captured US soldiers... don't they think images like these will make it worse for any US PoWs in future? They are giving an excuse to their enemies to treat their own soldiers just as dispicably (sp?).

Tinker · 08/05/2004 14:11

Great article by Robert Fisk in yesterday's Indie about these - not sure I cna do a link, think you need to subscribe. Am not remotely surprised by them but, as he said, who is training the torturer's?

Who would want to be Lynndie England's mother atm?

Paula71 · 08/05/2004 22:44

What has being properly trained got to do it!

"Sorry we forgot to train them not to behave like barbarians and not to humiliate their captives." No, not even an imbicile would blame it on not knowing the Geneva convention, for God's sake what planet are these cretins on!

It sickens me that this whole war was about an evil dictator who did the very same thing, in the very same place. I can't help feel that the soldiers looked upon the Iraqis as subhuman or just viewed them in a completely racist manner. It is the only explanation I can think of.

We are supposed to be civilised, ha bloody ha! How are people with older children explaining this to them? I would find it very hard and am glad my ds twins are toddlers just now while this horror is going on.

bacardiandcoke · 09/05/2004 21:28

agree paula!! the only thing i pin point it on is racism and hatred...

trying to explain to my ds (soon to be 10) is bloody hard!! he excepted the stuff about saddam and sort of understood it (i did let him watch the news as i thought it was important and they were discussing things in school) then when this blew up whilst being over here, i didn't know what to do!! anyway explained the best i can, let him watch some bbc world news and some of dubai channel news so he got a fair side if you like.. but he still doesn't understand why america and england are doing the same that sadamm did and we are still there and condoning it!!

and to be honest i can't explain that one either! which makes me feel really sad that i live in country that has made me feel sorry to be one of there citizens!

the arab/lebonese/indian/sri lanken/kuwait/iraqi/syrian/afghani's people over here are all very nice and don't even mention it around you (which i find sad because i think they may feel that we don't want to talk about it! and all i want to do is say sorry to them.... but they never stop smiling...

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