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Lapland - keeping warm

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Tiredandtorn · 28/01/2020 19:08

Massively excited as we just booked a 3 day Lapland trip for next Xmas. A while off yet but I want to get all the essentials in the sales as they start popping up.

My kids will be 6 & 8 and I’m a bit worried about how to dress them for optimum warmth. My eldest has a heart condition and really feels the cold so I need to be extra careful to make sure he is as warm as possible. Consultant says he fine to go there. Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

Thermal undies + Ski base layer thermals + a micro fleece top + a heavy weight fleece on top.

Base layer leggings, fleece lined thermal jogging bottoms.

2 pairs wool socks.

Plus full snow suit, boots (to be hired there) thermal gloves and ski mittens plus hat and snood.

Does this sound right? Anyone been have any top tips for layering to keep snug?


OP posts:
TwigTheWonderKid · 02/02/2020 12:28

We go to Finland every winter and have encountered temperatures ranging from zero to -30.

Decathlon's basic base layers are cheap and brilliant. Also good for gloves. I'd definitely recommend balaclavas or fleece buffs for the kids too.

Definitely takes several extra pairs of gloves and hats for the kids as they will inevitably get lost, or more likely, wet.

The suits and boots you get are brilliant but for the kids I would also buy a pair of snowboots here so you have a spare pair. My children seem incapable of not getting snow in their boots (probably as they love jumping in the enormous mounds of snow everywhere!) and although you will have a drying cabinet in your accommodation, a spair pair of boots will be super useful and will also mean they can get straight out in the snow when you arrive.

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