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why isn't there a gifted school in the UK?

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smellroses · 07/04/2012 23:33

Does anyone know why there is no specific provision for gifted children at a school in the UK? This is quite common in other countries. It could be offered with a boarding element in order to increase the intake.
Is it because (as in my experience) British people don't like anyone to know of their child's abilities? Or is it because there is already good provision for the academically able within the independent and grammar schools?
However, not all G&T are academically able or live near a grammar school (or can afford school fees...
Do you think there would be an apetite for a Gifted "Academy" to open?

OP posts:
Rustygecko · 19/08/2015 00:13

Does anyone have any advice where to educate our child? To give you an idea, we have just had him tested at a university and he passed the vocabulary test for 13 year olds but failed the 14 year old test by one word. The scores on maths were 3 years above his age, but less than his language scores. He speaks 3 languages fluently including mandarin (which he also reads).
He is 4 years old and should go to school a month. Any advice appreciated. Thx.

guardian123 · 23/10/2016 22:27

Because the gov has no money for g&t school anymore.

guardian123 · 11/11/2016 13:19

Two reasons; A) Gov simply can't afford gifted schools. AND B) Too many objections from political parties and parents. The situation is similar to building more Grammar School. Many claim it divides the society and favours only to rich parents which i think is not true.

SundayNightRoast · 13/11/2016 21:40

This school has a specialist centre for students who are very able in maths and Science.


The school has also been top of the County league table for the past three years.

gillybeanz · 13/11/2016 21:47

My dd is gifted and goes to a school for gifted children.
The fees are over 31k and you gain entry by audition.
There is a place for any child who is able to meet the standard irrespective of parental income. Parents are assessed for a government scheme for Music or Drama. There are several of these schools throughout the UK
Basically, the more you earn, the more you pay.
If you have nothing, you pay nothing and have your main costs funded as well as fees.
There should be similar schools for G&T academic subjects.
The price is having to wave them off though and sometimes not seeing them for a few weeks.

gillybeanz · 13/11/2016 22:28

Another bloody zombie thread.
Please start your own as these old ones are bloody irrelevant!
Although, I could check the flippin date, I just forget.

Strix · 02/02/2017 14:06

We do have schools for Gifted and Talented. They are called Grammar Schools, especially the super selective.

JustRichmal · 03/02/2017 13:11

Oh good, I haven't missed post on a zombie thread week.

Ojoj1974 · 02/03/2017 22:51

Most private schools offer academic scholarships. I suggest looking at the top performing private schools and try for a scholarship. For boys, schools like Eton offer 90-100% means tested bursaries if you child has the talents.
It's certainly worth having a go.

RyanBayne · 28/03/2017 11:22

All children need to learn how to progress around all other people. There is learning to be done by keeping the most gialld among lesser gifted i.e. tolerance and how it will not pay to become an eltist in the 21st century. Our current generation of politicians are finding that out the hard way among other professions.

I think what it means to be gifted is also highly debatable in a world where a computer can analyse a person and label them socially inept despite high a IQ.

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