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Census searching geniuses only please!

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WeatherwaxOn · 11/01/2022 13:48

I'm trying (and failing) to find relatives on the 1911 census.
They appear on every other year, in various combinations (as people were born/died).
I cannot find one member of a particular family. I have searched on First name only. I have searched on surname only. I have searched on the middle bit of the surname only (allowing for mistranscribed capital letter).
I have tried looking with other family connected to them.

What other possible combinations can I try?

Am I wrong to search in London only (they were in the St.Luke's area for 40 or so years)? Am I missing something by doing this?

I can only imagine that they are either completely mistranscribed, or, that a page of the census is missing from the scan/transcription.

To try to narrow down I have looked at all the addresses they were at on the census returns I already have.
I have looked at all the addresses they were at when children were born in 1904, 1909, and 1912.
I have looked for each child individually. I have looked for the parents separately.
Completely stumped as to what else to try looking at. They were most definitely NOT overseas as they could seldom even afford the rent.

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eggandonion · 11/01/2022 20:54

@Weatherwaxon, sorry for interruption! I hope you get a result soon.


Gastonia · 11/01/2022 22:03

I don't know about the 1911 census, but I have had family members in earlier censuses who were institutions recorded by just their initials, including the surname.


eagerlywaitingfor · 12/01/2022 15:20


RE: householder filling in the census. They could have been illiterate. I don't have a copy of the marriage certificate at hand to cross-check.

The census enumerator would have gone round in that case, and done it for them.

eejervis · 13/01/2022 09:03

Can you post their names and year of birth on here, place of birth and the head's occupation? Or PM me if you prefer.

I love a challenge! In London there is also the electoral register and poor law records to look at.


WeatherwaxOn · 13/01/2022 13:58

ee, Thankyou, will pm you later.

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