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Average weekly shopping bill INCLUDING non food items

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streetface · 14/09/2017 10:08

Hi we are a family of 5. I meal plan and only spend around £50-£60 on evening meals for all of us a week. But my bill is coming in at around £100-£120 a week. This includes:

Showergel, shampoo, conditioner, deoodrant etc
All stuff for packed lunches (rolls, fillings, bars, youghurts etc)
Washing stuff (fabric softener, tablets etc)
Nappies and wipes
Lots of fruit for breakfast and snacks (cherries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas and satsumas)
Bacon, sausages and cereal for breakfasts.
Milk 9 litres and cheese for random things (sandwhiches, toppings on muffins etc)

If you include EVERYTHING you buy in a week for the house can you tell me how much and how many people in your house so I can see if I am overspending please? Thank you very much.

OP posts:
gamerpigeon · 14/09/2017 10:10

£80-90 a week for 2 adults and formula fed baby.

streetface · 14/09/2017 10:37

Thanks. Anyone else? Just a quick line like PP would really help.

OP posts:
ButFirstTea · 14/09/2017 10:42

Probably £60-70/week for 2 adults and a puppy, we make our own lunches for work as well so this is for 3 meals a day x 7 days give or take.

You seem like you're doing a great job to get all that for £100 a week!

Greenbucket · 14/09/2017 10:43

Family of 5. Spend about 160 a week on absolutely everything.

Greenbucket · 14/09/2017 10:44

Three teenagers. So basically 5 adults. That's sanpro, cleaning stuff, three meals a day, snacks, treats, wine.

Madhairday · 14/09/2017 10:44

£60-70 a week. Two adults, two teens

fairycakecentral · 14/09/2017 10:45

£90 -£100 adults, 1 per teen. About £10 of that on milk alone. Loads of fruit and yoghurts. Gluten free bread and pasta which is expensive but balanced I suppose with cheap shampoos etc. one bottle of wine a week and no soft drinks, but lots of bottles of water. Sometimes I think we spend more on non food items than actual food.

EverythingEverywhere1234 · 14/09/2017 10:48

About £70 a week, two adults and a medium dog. All toiletries and household stuff included, but no alcohol.

Greenbucket · 14/09/2017 10:50

Ok if we're including pets, three dogs and two cats as well!

HughLauriesStubble · 14/09/2017 10:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IToldYouIWasFreaky · 14/09/2017 10:51

£300 a month for me and 9 year old DS, including packed lunches for us both, all household stuff and the occasional bottle of wine for me. We're pescetarian and eat fish maybe once or twice a week.
I probably could do it cheaper - I am a sucker for a top up shop which is included in that figure - but I am careful enough and can afford that figure.

ohh · 14/09/2017 10:51

£110-£140 on everything. 5 People. Cost of food has gone up.

2 Adults. I teen (eats like an adult.) I fussy primary school age 10. DSS randomly 16 eats like an adult so I always say 5 people (Adults) as friends of children often around.

TotalUnknown · 14/09/2017 10:53

Family of 5, which includes two teens and an athlete, plus some dietary restrictions. £120-£150. Probably £100-£120 of that is food alone.

rabaria · 14/09/2017 10:54

One adult, two children - about 500 a month. Includes nappies though

Demilouise96 · 14/09/2017 10:57

Between £60 and £80 a week
Two adults and a 2 year old

Puffpaw · 14/09/2017 11:03

Same as you op, we could cut back but we don't need to, and I don't think we are extravagant. Eighteen months ago it was always around the £90 mark

streetface · 14/09/2017 11:07

Great. Well that doesn't seem too bad then thanks. I heard the 'average' grocery bill for a family of 4 was £80 but then I thought, well that doesn't include non food items. Seeing as the meals are home cooked stuff with veg and fruit etc and my husband is a massive eater it looks like we're doing about right then. It definitely seems like it's gone up a lot in the past 18 months I agree pp!

OP posts:
DigitalGhost · 14/09/2017 11:09

£70 ish a week 2 adults and a formula fed baby.
This includes a couple of bottles of wine Wine

DigitalGhost · 14/09/2017 11:09

£70 ish a week 2 adults and a formula fed baby.
This includes a couple of bottles of wine Wine

buttwingsham · 14/09/2017 11:12

Two adults,4 kids aged 12,6,3 and 2 (still in nappies) a dog and two cats.
£160-£180 for everything, I shop at Aldi though now before I did only sainsburys it could be around £250.
Two step children and my grandson often come round and eat too they are older and have moved out still like a home cooked meal here though!

IAmBreakmasterCylinder · 14/09/2017 11:13

Somewhere between £80 - £100 for 3 adults and a 12 year old plus a cat. We meal plan but sometimes go off plan. That includes 2 adults making lunch to take to work. DS 12 buys lunch at school so that is an additional cost. Adult DD lives at home but goes to Uni And works, she mostly buys her own lunch.

It is a lot less since we switched to Aldi. On a good week it can be as low as £65 but not often.

Titsywoo · 14/09/2017 11:13

About £100 on 2 adult, one teen and one 10 year old. Noone drinks though and we eat out once a week. Plus kids lunches are paid for separately (school ones).

Easilyflattered · 14/09/2017 11:16

I spend about 120 and there's 4 of us.

About 80 spent in Aldi and the rest on top up shops, things Aldi doesn't sell, and the odd Emergency wine run.

Needalifeoverhaul · 14/09/2017 11:35

£70..1 adult, 1 teen, 1 baby and 2 cats

Madhairday · 14/09/2017 12:47

Mine does include all food items and all non food items, all milk and bread etc. Still up to 70 a week for 2 adults and 2 teens.

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