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What is this fish the shop has sold me?

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Marne · 12/04/2012 15:18

Asked in the aquatic shop for a small algae eater and was sold the tiniest of fish, was told it would only grow to a inch and a bit Hmm, not sure if the lad in the shop actualy knew what he was talking about and i will end up with a fish to big for the tank. It looks like a mini Pleco, at the moment its tiny (less then a cm long) and is stuck to the side of the tank, not sure how much alae he will consume as his too tiny. What is it?

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thisisyesterday · 13/04/2012 19:25

yeah mine kept hiding too. in fact, DP didn't even believe me that I'd bought him as he didn't see him for about 2 weeks lol

Marne · 13/04/2012 21:35

Dh hasn't seen him yet Smile, he seems to be hiding around the filter, doing a good job of cleaning up the algae which has settled on it.

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Marne · 14/04/2012 19:52

We have decided its a bristle nose pleco (but still not 100% sure), just got a good look at her (we have decided its a she) as she has come out of hiding and is cleaning a big pepple at the bottom of the tank, she seems to be stoptty at the front and a bit stipey at the back. We have named her 'Heidi' (dd1's choice).

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