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Mirena coil removed and horrific pain and bleeding

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wheresthel1ght · 01/05/2017 19:35

Apologies if TMI but after 4 years of hell and excuses from gp I finally gave up and spoke to our local family planning service who said they would happily remove (yay).

The removal itself was Friday and was really easy and pain free but since I have had debilitating cramps and massive bleeding complete with huge clots. The Dr who did the removal said I may get some spotting. I am saturating super level tampons iness than an hour, remove them and there are clots literally falling out of my body.

Is this normal? I haven't wanted to bug the out of hours service over the bank holiday but wondering if I need to see my gp tomorrow?

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wheresthel1ght · 03/05/2017 20:57

blah I think whoever mentioned the just because it is from my vagina. Doesn't make it less serious has hit the nail on the head. I am guessing they are thinking it is a heavy period and I am just being melodramatic.

I still feel drained but that may have more to do with starting a new job that is more physical than my old one and having a toddler who doesn't sleep!

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Blahblahblahyadayadayada · 03/05/2017 21:03

Even if it was a heavy period- that's still way too much blood! Not having a go at you; I agree with the poster who said that just because it was vaginal bleeding then they assume it isn't serious. This sort of thing makes me so angry! If you're not feeling better then definitely ask for a blood test to check your haemoglobin.

wheresthel1ght · 03/05/2017 21:22

I know blah and I appreciate everyone's concern!

If I still feel drained on Friday I will try them again

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BeckyMae · 25/11/2017 08:39

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site but I needed advice on this too.
I had my mirena fitted 12th June 17 and had it removed 3 days ago (21st November 17) but had the implant fitted straight after.
My gp never told me about possible bleeding after post removal of coil and Thursday afternoon I just started bleeding very heavy Shock I bled constantly with the mirena hence why I couldn't stand it any longer. I've never bled this bad before and it was just pouring out Sad I phoned 111 who got me an appointment with the out of hours doctor but he was useless. Phoned gp yesterday but they cannot get me in until next Tuesday. I've taken mefnamic and tran acid but it hasn't exactly helped.
Just wanted to know if this is normal? im 23 and it's completely worried me as I weren't expecting this. Not as bad today as the last 2 days but still pretty bad in comparison.
Any advice would be appreciated Smile

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