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Could they make the Britannia bridge 2 lanes eastbound and one lane westbound to prevent the queues when the ferries unload?

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SilverTonguedDevil · 26/10/2021 11:18

I always get stuck at this bridge when coming off the ferry at Holyhead as it's 2 lanes each way except for the bridge which is single lane in both directions.
It must drive the locals nuts.
The lanes on the bridge look quite wide, could they fit 2 lanes eastbound and one lane westbound as westbound never seems to be a problem.
They'd need to reduce the speed limit to 30 but it would keep things moving.

OP posts:

MagpiePi · 26/10/2021 11:34

I am a highway design engineer, and from experience, these things are not always as striaghtforward as members of the public think they should be. Maybe the bridge wasn't originally designed to carry three lanes of traffic at once, and there are requirements such as minimum lane widths that have to be maintained. Improving or replacing the bridge would probably cost a few million pounds (I have just been involved in the design for a bridge replacement scheme) which has to be weighed up against the cost of traffic being delayed and other schemes that would have more benefit.

You could get in touch with the local council or National Highways and ask? There may already be plans to do something.


SilverTonguedDevil · 26/10/2021 12:27

Yes @MagpiePi, you're probably right though it would be nice to get a detailed explanation as to why my suggestion wouldn't work.
I had a quick Google and it does look like a new bridge is being planned but these can take decades to reach completion .

OP posts:

MagpiePi · 26/10/2021 17:04

I would think that the bridge wasn't designed to carry the load of three lanes of traffic, so it would be dangerous just to change it without additional strengthening works.
Delays to getting new infrasturcture projects completed are usually down to funding and political factors.


minniemoll · 26/10/2021 17:14

The bridge was originally designed as just a rail bridge, the road deck was added about 40 years ago after the fire. So weight could easily be a problem.

Isn't the speed limit already 30 on the bridge? I thought it was.

Could you park up somewhere on the island for a short time to let the traffic die down? Penrhos country park is just down the road from the ferry and is a lovely place for a walk, or just to sit and look at the sea. Or drive down via Trearddur and have a walk there, then carry on over Four Mile Bridge to Valley.

But as far as the road's concerned, I think you'll be waiting for the third bridge, which could be a while off - I think Wylfa was a big part of the plans, and until that's decided yay or nay I can't see it happening.


justasking111 · 26/11/2021 18:06

Wading through the government white paper I think the money is being directed elsewhere now


Happyface120 · 26/11/2021 18:09

I'm a local, and yes, it's shit Grin
There have been so many plans for a third crossing, but nothing has ever been approved. Its worth it to live on the island though 🏝️

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