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Fictional story has me wondering about ethics at a GP practice (re dating and counselling colleagues)

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ThisIsUnacceptable · 07/10/2023 08:08


I'm listening to 'If I can't have you' by Charlotte Levin on Audible. It's a fictional story based in current times at a London medical practice, main character is the receptionist there and I'm wondering if it's true that:

a) A single GP would lose his job for dating a single receptionist at the same Practice. He isn't her manager, did not hire her and doesn't own the practice. If yes, what sort of rule would he be breaking?

b) Would a Psychotherapist offer pro bono counselling for his colleague (the receptionist)? I just think this would be so awkward and potentially blur boundaries but I've heard that dentists and hygienists 'do' each other's teeth, although it's probably not the same thing as sharing deepest, darkest wounds!

I know it's just a story and it doesn't have to reflect reality but it made me wonder. My impression is that was ordinary when doctors married nurses in the 60s, 70s and 80s but thinking about it in modern times I can only anecdotally find doctors who married other doctors, or from a completely different profession. I remember reading about a consultant having to face GMC for having relations with his trainees due to power imbalance but if she is the receptionist like in this book, would you say there is still power imbalance?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
AnnaMagnani · 07/10/2023 08:12

Like you I don't see the issue in their being a relationship between a doctor and a receptionist.

Also like you, I see a massive issue in a psychotherapist offering a colleague free counselling.

ThisIsUnacceptable · 07/10/2023 08:12

Basically, the GP in the story is telling her he can't continue seeing her, it was just sex and that he would lose his job if it were to be found out that he was involved with her, and I don't know if this plausible or whether he is just giving her excuses because so far in the story he has been a shit tbh.

OP posts:
AnnaMagnani · 07/10/2023 08:25


The GP character is spinning the receptionist a line, taking advantage of her lack of knowledge to exploit her - seems most likely given he's already protrayed as a shit

Or it's just a crap story

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