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Band 8a interview. Help!

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OneSmallBox · 28/08/2022 08:55

I have an interview for a Band 8a role that I’m a bit conflicted about. I really want it but there are many pros and cons.

Different trust. Been with current trust (in assorted roles) for 17 years. This is both a pro and a con. It’s be good for me to work somewhere else, but familiarity is much easier.
1 hour community vs current 20 minutes. Con. I’ll be needing a new, reliable car, petrol costs.
Current trust have no imminent plans for a similar role (no funding). Current role is a 7 doing what this 8 role is. Big Con.
Over the last couple of years current department have stressed me out in a few ways including paying me wrongly for 8 months (finally sorted out now). Also big con.
Im extremely shy and socially awkward. I feel at home in current department because I’ve been there years so I think they tolerate my weirdness. It’ll be hard in a new place trying to act normally.

Aso the interview. I’ve not interviewed for an 8 before. I’m crap at interviews. Any hints or tips?

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OneSmallBox · 28/08/2022 08:56

Other Pros are things like
I want the job. It’s good development, another step along the way, good experience for other things etc.

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