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Rolling an obese patient for bed bath

4 replies

BenFogleOnChernobyl · 14/12/2021 00:06

Hello, does anyone know if there are any protocols/laws/guidelines for rolling an obese patient (using slide sheets?) in their home.

OP posts:
CrushedPistachios · 14/12/2021 00:10

It should be double handed, and I know in a hospital setting a person who was significantly overweight can be double handed on both sides (so four people carrying out the manual handling.)

Have you seen the manual handling plan/OT assessment? If you’ve any concerns I’d be speaking to your managers saying you feel it’s unsafe to do and ask for the OT to come out and do a further assessment.

buckeejit · 14/12/2021 00:20

Try to get some wendylett sheets (4 way slide), to make it easier to move them

BenFogleOnChernobyl · 14/12/2021 09:19

They have wendylett sheets already but it's still very hard to roll them single handed. OT has assessed as single carer appropriate.

OP posts:
BenFogleOnChernobyl · 14/12/2021 09:21

Patient has significant breathing difficulty when lying flat so has to remain upright in the bed when attempting to roll them

OP posts:
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