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Really dislike my workplace

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Abcdecat · 15/12/2020 23:20


So I’m a nurse, been working a few months. I’ve moved back to England and work in a highly specialised area.

From a purely clinical perspective I enjoy it, I love the speciality, acuity and patients. However, I really really struggle with the hospital, culture and colleagues.

I worked in the same speciality in a different uk nation and absolutely loved it, colleagues were the best. I’ve never regretted leaving as much. The difference is this was as a covid student.

However I do not want a really fragmented CV but I can’t work here long term. I’m really trying to stick it out to the summer and then either move back to my old work or to a new city (in the same other Uk country).

I’ve been here as long as my last placement was and if anything it’s deteriorating, very understaffed, very cliquey, and teach negatively (I.e. telling us all (there’s a few nqn) how we are failing the patients)

England is very different and not in a good way, NQN in my speciality is very hard anyway but it’s not the clinical work load I’m struggling with (although challenging at times). It’s the culture of the hospital, staff and management and the fact they don’t want to improve. The other wards in the other country I worked in always really drove to improve and loved and laughed with their patients.

I’ve been deliberately vague so apologies if it’s confusing. And I should say many staff nurses have been nice. But I miss there being laughter in the staff room, people having each other’s back, team work, charge nurses that actually helped.

As is probably very obvious it’s been a very long shift.

But yeah seeing as I’ve got 6-9 months to get through if anyone could advise me how to get through this I’d be grateful.

Thanks x

OP posts:
Abcdecat · 15/12/2020 23:25

I should add (this is depressing) I had a dream that I had a shift at my old work and it was the happiest I’ve been since moving 😂

OP posts:
Broadbeanssleeping · 15/12/2020 23:29

Don't stay, apply for where you want to go and leave. You'll think of a reason that will allow you to go with grace. IME it is all to easy to get ground down, then leaving becomes difficult if motivation levels are generally low. Life's too short to be miserable.

Abcdecat · 16/12/2020 02:09

Thanks, I will keep out for my old work and the other 2 units I’m interested in

OP posts:
Lookingoutadirtyoldwindow · 14/01/2021 14:54

Definitely leave to be honest you are in a great position
We are looking for really motivated positive nurses where I work, I think you'll have no problem fitting in somewhere a bit easier.
Please do report to the listening lead or freedom to speak out person how you feel and why you are leaving . These awful cultures really affect patient care as the grimsters remain whilst the good people go.

Hdkatznahtw125sgh · 30/03/2022 22:57

This was me with my past username.

I applied for a job back in Scotland later that week, moved back a few months later. Forever thankful I believed in myself to do that. Life is so much better now.

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