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Job application help - NHS Jobs

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Blastandtroph · 19/12/2018 18:19

I'm applying for a job via NHS jobs for a role in a new Trust. I've been in a similar role for 4 years since qualification.

In terms of previous employment history, prior to my degree, should I include this or just the job I'm currently doing? I've got around 20 years worth or would a couple of lines in supporting information suffice (this is what I've currently done).

Also in terms of qualifications, should I just put my degree and any post grad training as I'd assume they will realise I met entry requirements for the degree?

Thanks in advance.

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cheesywotnots · 28/12/2018 17:15

I would put down your precious work history with datew, brief outline if duties and some ask reason for leaving. Theres usually a section for this. You should put in the qualification you've received, I.e, a nursing . qualification with the date obtained and registration number and the post grad courses you've completed . If you're applying online there is a guide to completing your application form. Good luck.

Daisymay2 · 28/12/2018 17:36

Very often the application forms indicate how far back you need to go with the job history. We used to specify the last 10 years, if it isn't specified, all jobs should be listed.
All qualifications and relevant courses need to be included. Do not think that they will assume that you have the qualifications because you have applied for the job. You would be shocked how often people apply for jobs when they are not qualified for them, even in healthcare. I have seen applications from totally different professions- think health care assistant applying for chiropody jobs. Eventually, our HR department did an inital screen , and if the appropriate qualification was not listed, managers would not have seen the form. This applied to higher qualifications or specific courses. eg if I wanted a NMP, the qualification details needed to be on the form, because otherwise you would have been screened out even if your supporting evidence showed you were prescribing.

Blastandtroph · 31/12/2018 13:51

Thank you both. Apologies only just rechecked thread as been on shift.

I included 10 years worth of previous jobs as they include transferable skills and pre/post grad qualifications.

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