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Please tell me why there is now a chicken section ?! Did I miss a meeting?

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UnquietDad · 30/03/2008 00:46

I feel as if I have come back from holiday into some weird parallel universe, where it's quite normal to have Chicken sections in forums and nobody bats an eyelid, and yet we still get the odd seether ranting on here about how MEN should not be allowed on a PARENTING forum, rant rant, seethe seethe, foam foam.

Can I post in the Chicken section if all I like to do is eat them?

And is there going to be a hamster section soon? And a guinea-pig section?

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 02/04/2008 15:07

well i posted about music in the chickens section

cheesesarnie · 02/04/2008 15:07

lol at this thread.chick chick chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me.

BigGitHamsterKillingDad · 02/04/2008 15:08

Good point Cap, must concentrate on my posts a bit more!

BigGitHamsterKillingDad · 02/04/2008 15:09

Who is your master Zippi? Is he what I think he is? (Sub dom emoticom)
Ah, that's more like mens room talk...

zippitippitoes · 02/04/2008 15:17

i do his garden

BigGitHamsterKillingDad · 02/04/2008 16:06

Does he know his chickens are on the World
wide web?
There's chicken rustlers out there you know!

charlotte121 · 26/05/2008 00:27

this thread has made me chuckle!

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