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so, guys, what made you join mumsnet?

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SquonkaClaus · 10/12/2007 09:54

Those of you that know me, know that I don't have an issue with the old "men on mumsnet " debate, but, whilst having a conversation with dp over the weekend, it did get me thinking about how you found mumsnet in the first place, and why did you join?

And, who was the first bloke on here? (and did you know at the time that you were the only one?)

Am just being nosey so feel free to tell me to sod off (but do it nicely please )

OP posts:
aDadTidingsWeBring · 11/12/2007 15:21

Reading over my DP's shoulder was how i came across it.

I haven't been on much recently but there seem to be a lot more men here now for sure.

I HAVE met a male (now ex) MNer in hub2dee - and he's not remotely strange.

(hey Pan good to see you around )

SquonkaClaus · 11/12/2007 15:47

hub2dee's an ex-mnetter? did he flounce? It doesn't seem that long ago that I was "talking" to him.

OP posts:
EricScrooge · 11/12/2007 16:05

Why would we be remotely strange anyway?

Nothing wrong with me.

I'm just off to polish the cabbages before the yellow pixie whips me with his marmalade again.

YummersBrandyAndMincePies · 11/12/2007 16:12

i can't remember. i honestly can't. could have been a newspaper article, might've stumbled upon it when i was trawling the internet for advice whilst pregnant. or perhaps i was magically transported here by a higher power, who knew just what i needed to save my sahm brain from the brink of insanity

HappyDaddy · 11/12/2007 16:13

All those yummy mummies being so much flirting potential.

Of course.

Ubergeekian · 12/12/2007 11:05

There were quite a few blokes at our antenatal group, and I think we all felt very welcome. Likewise the hospital was brilliant. They happily and unofficially brought me blankets and pillows so I could sleep there in a comfy reclining chair until snookums came home.

Experiences since then rather mixed. There are an awful lot of mu-parents and babies/toddlers/children groups out there, and a lot of cliques. I'm the only father who ever goes to aquababies swimming - but since it was my idea to start the sessions in the first place, nobody has objected!

Changing facilities for women only really annoy me. It's not just my convenience - it's the way it puts across to boys as they grow up that looking after babies is women's work.

EricScrooge · 12/12/2007 11:18

Yeah - i remember a few years ago some old coot moaned at me when i came out of the disabled/baby-change toilet and said 'You shouldn't be in there young man'.

I think she was annoyed cos she was waiting for the toilet with a wee one too.

I said 'Excuse me - it's not a female toilet - it's a disabled/baby-change area'

That just summed up the attitude of some people right there. She automatically thought that because it was for baby changing, that it was the female toilets.

She went all red and flustered when she realised - but it's the fact that that is what she immediately thought that is the issue.

EricScrooge · 12/12/2007 11:19

Mind you - if i am with the DW she always takes them into her toilets cos the mens toilets are always reeking and covered in pish - cos most of us are manky bastards i'm afraid.

clerkKent · 12/12/2007 13:12

DW could not stop talking about MN or quoting from it. She even spotted friends in RL from their posts. I started with GF too - gluten free food in the Allergies section. I get about 30 minutes a day from work from my MN habit, so I stick to a few topics and mainly lurk.

Kathyate6mincepies · 12/12/2007 13:18

Changing facilities for women only annoy me too because it means I have to do it even when it's dh's turn

EricScrooge · 12/12/2007 15:13

Yeah - but as i say, the mens toilets aren't very nice for toddlers, as they invariably have to hold onto the toilet seat and put their hands everywhere.

Even wiping down with a wet wipe doesn't really clean it - if you know what i mean.

Whenever we are out together, the DW always does it in the ladies as they are normally cleaner for obvious reasons.

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