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How can I be more manly?

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TiggyD · 26/08/2012 19:48

I've just bought a football shirt. I'm wearing it now and I'm feeling quite manly as a result. What's the most manly thing you can think of?

For me it's wearing a football shirt while standing at the barbecue grilling something I've just killed myself, drinking from a can of full fat Coke with one hand and doing the 'pinch and roll' with the other.

OP posts:
dranksinatra · 28/08/2012 14:54

Hope you're at least trying to grow a beard.?

TiggyD · 28/08/2012 14:58

I don't want to be more manly. This thread is a service for those to do.

OP posts:
Lifeofprism · 28/08/2012 15:00

It's ineffable.

And if you have to ask, you've blown it I'm afraid.

FasterHigherBeardierDaddyman · 28/08/2012 15:33
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